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Mikkeli is a municipality and town in Finland. The town served as the headquarters for the Finnish armed forces during World War II. The heart of Mikkeli lies near the shore of Saimaa Lake. Throughout the region are several large and small lakes. The scenic beauty of the city and its surroundings attract uncounted tourists throughout the year. Home to best water and adventure theme park it is one of the most famous family holiday destinations in the country. Cultural events like the Kangasniemi Music Festival, the Mikkeli Music Festival, and more are held around the year.

Places of Interest in Mikkeli
Astuvansalmi Rock Paintings
Astuvansalmi (the national shrine), located on Lake Yovesi, is amongst the largest rock painting sites in the Nordic countries. The paintings are said to be nearly 4500-6000 years old. This calculation has been made after examining the history of the area's water level. On the rocks are displayed mystic figures, human figures, elks, and hand-prints.

Haukivuori Church
Haukivuori is a village in the city of Mikkeli. The first chapel in the village was constructed by the natives in the year 1740. In between 1794-98, the wooden church was made after demolishing the chapel. From 1838-39, the belfry was built besides the church's building. In the year 1949, due to fire this wooden structure got destroyed. Today the new concrete building, designed by Veikko Larkas (architect), stands here since 1st July 1951.

Puuhanaa Amusement Park
Puuhanaa Amusement Park started its operation in the year 1984. It is situated in the Tervaskoski Village. The park provides lots of fun activities for children including slides, water-slides, bouncy castles, race tracks, and more. With the park's premises lies a mini golf course and a video arcade. It is assumed nearly 5,000 children visit the park in a day. There is an entree fees to the park but all activities and rides are free!

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