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The Finnish town of Kajaani is located in Oulu province and is the capital of the Kainuu region. It is located southeast of Oulujarvi (Lake Oulu) and is the hotbed of four hundred different types of vascular plants including coniferous, broad-leafed birch and alder trees. Another stunner located alongside this green belt is the Talaskangas Nature Reserve. It has an untouched and undisturbed vista of an extensive flora and fauna, besides plush sightseeing options. If you’re looking forward to a historic introduction to the city, you should start your trip with Kajaani Castle which was originally built in 1604 and is even older than the city itself. It used to serve as an administrative centre, military base and a refuge for the citizens.

Places of Interest in Kajaani
Kajaanin linna (Kajaani Castle)
It is the alpha, if not the omega of Kajaani’s history. A walk through this four hundred year old fortress offers a spine-chilling account of the times when two nations (Finland and Russia) were at war with each other and of the horrific aftermath that had followed this debacle. This historic castle has now been tuned to serve as a tourist attraction and thus has a number of informative signage that put forward an account of its history and the purpose of the original rooms that were used for various administrative and punitive ends.

Kajaanin Taidemuseo (Kajaani Art Museum)
Kajaanin Taidemuseo has a top notch collection of artistic elements across various dimensions of content and themes. It has a wide collection of old photographs, videos and installation arts that are all changed regularly after every two months. The museum also offers workshops, lectures and performances in Finnish language for those willing to know more about the national culture.

Located nine kilometers from the city of Kajaanin, Paltaniemi is a small village with picture perfect natural beauty. It has a relatively silent beach with dark blue waters and is an excellent option to spend a Sunday with family. It is known for its sixteenth century church, Paltaniemi Church that was twice remade until 1727 and has some beautiful paintings and a stellar altarpiece to its credit.

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