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Cheap Kuusamo Vacation Packages

Kuusamo is a town in the Northern Ostrobothnia region of Finland. It is located close to the Finnish-Russian borders and is a scenic little hotspot of natural beauty and adventure sports par excellence. A paradise in making, this Finnish city is ninety percent forested and is largely excused of human intervention; however, it sees a massive influx of nearly a million tourists during the winters because of its exceptional skiing faculties at Ruka.

Places of Interest in Kuusamo
Ruka is one of Finland’s most popular ski and holiday resorts. It is known for its picture-perfect vista that is near perfect for both sightseeing and skiing. Add to it the charm of Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, and you would have a complete holiday destination this winters amidst hills, rivers, woodlands and harmless wildlife.

Karhunkierros (The trail of the bear)
Karhunkierros is the most popular hiking trail in Finland and it goes through two national parks. This trail offers mild level of challenge. Visitors would thus be encouraged to bring tents, maps and enough food with them; however, water is not a problem because of the presence of clean and drinkable river water here.

Kiutakongas Rapids
Kiutakongas Rapids are one of the most famous Finnish national parks. Its charm lies in its three-day trek routes through a varied range of natural features like cliffs, gorges, swamps, lakes, barns and suspension bridges. One can walk through a forest and be awarded with a soul-stirring sight and sound of a beautiful river meandering below.

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