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Find Rental Cars in Kajaani, Finland

Book a cheap rental car and enjoy the freedom to roam while you’re visiting Kajaani (KAJ)! Envision driving along a winding road, windows rolled down, leisurely passing scenic mountains, romantic beaches or popular roadside attractions in a comfortable rented car. Take the road less traveled, and discover more about the surroundings near Kajaani!

Moving just about ten minutes northwest of Kajaani city center will lead you to Paltaniemi. It is a village located very close to Kajaani Airport. The picturesque village with its authentic rural charm steals heart of everyone who hasn’t lived or visited village in his/her life. You can also make a trip to the Paltaniemi Beach to get a perfect dose of fun through a perfect combination of sun, sand and cool sea breezes.

About 24 miles east of Kajaani is located the ski and spa-resort site of Vuokatti. It has 13 slopes to attract people interested in downhill skiing. Vuokatti also has many a lengthy stretch of ski tracks to attract beginners in skiing.

About one and a half hour drive from Kajaani is the city of Kuhmo. The city charms visitors with its small town effect. Y The town is famed for Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, held in July. The festival hosts top classical music artists.