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Cheap Savonlinna Vacation Packages

Most people know Finland for its Northern Lights, Helsinki Olympics, and Nokia but only a few know that Finland is also the touchdown point of a diverse culture, unparalleled music festival, twenty thousand islands (and islets) and then is the crowning glory is its numero uno position in European Happiness Equality Index.

The same order of Finnish legacy is visible in prominence in Savonlinna, the main city in the country’s lake region. Savonlinna implies ‘Castle of Savonia’ in Finnish language and is stretched out on a series of islands in the middle of an exceptionally scenic lake, Saimaa. Less than twenty five kilometers from Savonlinna, you can also visit the world’s oldest wooden church Kerimaki that was built in mid-nineteenth century and is nothing short of being both classic and majestic at the same time.

Places of Interest in Savonlinna
Olavinlinna is one of the most important tourist attractions in Finland and is known as the world's northernmost medieval fortress. It seems to have escaped a long passage of time and that makes it quite a sight perched on the shores of the lake. It houses two museums inside it, viz., Castle Museum and Orthodox Museum that tell a lot about the local history here. An hour of guided tour shall suffice to get through the history.

Linnansaari National Park
Linnansaari National Park is in the middle of Lake Haukivesi and represents a Finnish aquatic playground at its very best. It has numerous islands with broad waterways for boating enthusiasts and nature lovers. Linnansaari National Park offers day trips, camping, boating and canoeing facilities. While on a trip here during summers, do look for the beautiful Saimaa Ringed Seal in the lake.

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