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Cheap Seinajoki Vacation Packages

How about visiting a city of polar opposites this summer? How about going to a city that lies in the land of the Northern Lights and telecom giant Nokia, and to find yourself admiring a four hundred year old city’s history before a rollicking music festival? How about being lucky enough to see the most impressive Finnish architecture and then contrasting it with an exuberant nightlife? Look no further, you are interested in Seinajoki. Seinajoki is the biggest city and the centre of the region of Southern Ostrobothnia in Western Finland. It's a typical Finnish city- peaceful, scenic and historical but not without its superior reputation of being an exceptionally beautiful city.

Places of Interest in Seinajoki
Lakeuden Risti Church
Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto is regarded as the Einstein of architecture in Seinajoki. His works are a masterpiece of Nordic Classicism, International Style Modernism and Organic Modernist Styles and a visitor is best advised to see some of his glorious works that form the face of the city. Two classic examples of his genius include - half a century old Lakeuden Risti Church and the Parish Center. They are royally flanked by the City Hall, City Library and City Theatre and do deserve a curious visit.

Provinssirock Music Festival
This three day madness takes Finland by storm every year and Seinajoki gladly surrenders to it. Provinssirock is the most famous music festival here and offers a synchronized musical play of heavier rock music, rap, reggae, pop and indie that caters to a wide range of music lovers in the country. The festival is hosted in mid-June at the Park of Tornava Island across four to five stages. Here’s a tip - You can best enjoy it at midnight because the sun doesn't really set at all in the summertime in this part of the world.

Tangomarkkinat (or Tango Festival)
Over a million people experience it live on the streets and more than one and half million watch it live on television. Tango Festival is celebrated during the first week of July, usually from Wednesday to Sunday because this is also the prime time of holidays during the year. You should also find time to enjoy the Tango Parade with the musical concerts, and it is best to go to it prescheduled so as to get the best possible experience there. Central to these happy proceedings is the coronation of the Tango King and Tango Queen. These two celebrities get as much limelight for the next few days as do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Oscars. They make headlines of the next day’s newspapers for receiving recording contracts and for performing their shows at the Tango Festival the next year. This iconic festival is celebrated with a combination of different musical genre every year and this is what makes it so different from all other music festivals across the world.

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