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Situated on the foothills of Ahir Mountains, Kahramanmaras is a Turkish city in the district governate of Akdeniz and the administrative center of Kahramanmarash Province. The city has a profound historical background whose origin that dates back 1100 BC and is consequently resplendent with an avid food culture, the stellar highlight of which (surprisingly) is its ubiquitous ice cream called Dondurma. Being the exquisite delight that tasting this weird and wonderful ice cream is, it is also so hard and sticky that one can only eat it with a fork and knife, and then gulping it down a glass of warm water is customary. Another reason to visit this Turkish city is the trio of three plateaus here that have an abundant range of some rare species flowers that are exclusive to Kahramanmaras.

Places of Interest in Kahramanmaras
Kahramanmaras Kalesi (Kahramanmara? Castle)
Located centrally in the city over a hill, Kahramanmaras Castle is the best point to get an enthralling panoramic view of all that lies in the city. This castle was built during the Hittite and Roman periods and has now been turned into a museum. Little farther away from it is situated a ruined citadel of unknown origin.

Yavsan Plateau
Yavsan Plateau is located to the south of the Sir Dam Lake. This famous plateau is a rich hotspot of wildlife and vegetation (especially flowers), water springs and widespread greenery that common folklore assumes to provide herbal cures for various illnesses. Also of note is the plateau’s popularity as a camping ground and similar recreational activities.

Kahramanmaras Museum
Kahramanmara? Museum is the most prominent museum of Kahramanmaras. It has various artifacts of the Prehistoric, Early Bronze, Hittite, Iron Age, Roman and Byzantine periods. It also has a collection of traditional Turkish clothes, embroidered copper pottery and wooden furniture.

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