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Cheap Diyarbakir Vacation Packages

One of the largest cities in southeastern Turkey, Diyarbakir is located on the banks of the Tigris River, which is one of the greatest rivers of Middle East. Diyarbakir is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the southeastern Anatolia region. In the city, behind the grim basalt walls, there are twisting alleyways that are crammed full of Arab-style mosques and a plethora of historical buildings. The city has retained its Kurdish culture and boasts a number of museums and a lot of other tourist attractions to be explored by tourists.

Places of Interest in Diyarbakir
City Walls
One of the most attractive features of the city is its circuit of basalt walls, perhaps dating back to the Roman era. Though, the present walls, extending long in length of around 6 kilometers, date from early Byzantine era. Tourists can enjoy walking along the walls and enjoy the views along with admiring the intricate and excellent architecture of the walls.

House of Dengbej
A building putting on display the culture affluence of the city, House of Dengbej showcases the Kurdish tradition of Dengbej, which is an art of storytelling by song. At this site, Kurdish elders gather in informal groups to sing and chant in a fascinating and ethereal style. There is also a tea garden inside the complex of the House of Dengbej.

Ulu Cami
One of the most impressive mosques in southeastern Turkey, Ulu Cami was built in 1091 by a Seljuk sultan. The mosque includes the elements from an earlier Byzantine church located on the site. The rectangular layout of the mosque is in Arabic style and the entrance portal is adorned with two medallions figuring a bull and a lion. The entrance leads to a spectacular courtyard with elaborated pillars and two-storey arcades.

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