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Turkey is the name for a holistic experience that combines the sum parts of religion, history, etiquettes, cuisines and architecture in an Islamic European country. The city of Sanliurfa is a subset of the same concept and a visitor usually finds it an experience worth more than the trouble that he would have taken to fly down to this part of the world. The historical city has many excellent old buildings and plenty of monuments related to Islamic and Christian faiths but the ambiance of the city is absolutely Middle Eastern. Sanliurfa has celebrated the birth of prehistoric Armenian alphabets leading to Numerology and the first day of Jewish and Muslim preacher Prophet Abraham, and it has also seen many dominant civilizations like Babylonians, Armenians, Persians, Romans and Byzantines. Going by this description, you can assure yourself of an unforgettable experience here.

Places of Interest in ?anliurfa
Cave of Abraham
Cave of Abraham is a prominent religious pilgrimage for the Muslims. As the name suggests, it is the site around which are situated some mosques built around a park with water features. One of these mosques, the Halil-ur-Rahman Mosque, has a pool occupied by a rather large number of holy fish that carry a ghastly reputation: it is said that anyone who catches one of these will go blind. Common folklore assumes that once the builder of the Tower of Babel decided to burn Prophet Abraham as a sacrifice. The God intervened and turned the pyre into water and the coals into fish, thus saving Abraham.

Archaeology says that this is perhaps the oldest temple ever made by mankind and it dates back to eleven thousand years from today (simply put, it was built in 9000 BC). The temple is currently in total ruins and the excavations still need to be carried out for the larger part that remains underground. The purpose of construction of Göbeklitepe is not yet known but Gobeklitepe could well might have been a stone-age mountain sanctuary in its time. This is a must visit for anyone who is coming to Turkey.

Bazaar (The Market)
True to its reputation of being a popular tourist destination, Sanliurfa is where you can closest to get the most authentic feel of the city. You will find here all that you could possibly connect with a traditional Islamic city though with a lot more noises and colors and fragrances. Spices and non-vegetarian delicacies would be the first to get your attention while antiques and leatherworks would not be the last- and in middle of all this bewilderment, you will find colorful silk clothes that are known for their unparalleled craftsmanship.

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