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The Turkish city of Sivas is the Y-junction of history and commerce in Eastern Europe. A visitor’s experience here unfailingly comprises of either exploring it as a historic city with a profound Islamic orientation and heritage or as a bustling shopping destination that relates to modern European standards. You would also find that the city’s culinary art is a delight in itself. The star attraction of the city is its oldest standing mosque, the Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii). Built in 1196 AD by the emperor as a votive offering to his victory in the Battle of Nicopolis, it is considered an exquisite example of Seljuk architecture.

Sivas is a snowball of scientific awareness and Islamic knowledge that may fascinate a visitor quickly. A precise mention also needs to be made for the sixteenth century bath place, called the Leaden Bath (Kursunlu Hamami), which is the largest and the most regal of its type in the city. It is believed to have healing properties and is a classical example of Ottoman architectural style.

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