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Save Big on Hotels in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Puerto Plata

Situated east of Puerto Plata, the neighborhood of Playa Dorada is first love for beach lovers. The stunning tawny beach is excellent for a stroll or just a relaxation. The top-notch golf course offers ample opportunities for golfers to showcase their skills. The area is also home to beautiful low-rise resorts, restaurants and casinos.

One of Puerto Plata’s oldest neighborhoods, Zona Colonial is like a treasure trove of splendid architectures. Explore a diverse range of structures ranging from stunning Spanish Colonial forts to vibrant Victorian architecture. A walk along the seaside boardwalk is very pleasurable.

Visitors who wish to explore the vibrant past of Puerto Plata must visit the Downtown area. The area houses the leftovers of Fort San Felipe, constructed in 16th century to protect from pirates and the Puerto Plata Lighthouse, built in 1879 to caution passing ships of Puerto Plata’s coastal reefs.