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Puerto Plata or San Felipe de Puerto Plata is a city in the Dominican Republic known for its sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts. This marvelous tourist destination has a vast range of attractions but is preferred by those on a tightly strung budget. When you land here, you’ll be impressed with its miles long sandy coastline and the imposing peak of Mount Isabel de Torres, depending on what your definition of an ideal day is. The city would then win you over with its holistic range of attractions like a 16th-century San Felipe Fortress, Damajagua Falls, Cayo Arena Island and other related popular tourist spots like Cabarete and Sosua. Cuisines here are an immaculate extension to the city’s photogenic attractions and you would be well advised to try the local delicacies like mashed Platanos (starchy banana-like fruit), Yuca (a starchy, sweet, potato-like vegetable) and Avocado.

Places of Interest in Puerto Plata
Mount Isabel de Torres
Mount Isabel de Torres is the star attraction of Puerto Plata and is only accessible by an aerial network of tramway. This ten-minute trip to the hilltop would bring you up by about 2500 feet for an enthralling view of the city below. Once atop Mount Isabel de Torres, you shall see a copy of the famous Brazilian statue of Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. This mountain also has a botanical garden and a restaurant to its credit.

Fortaleza San Felipe
Built during the reign of Spanish King Felipe II in 1564 AD, Fortaleza San Felipe is the only remaining part of the 16th century Puerto Plata. This historic Spanish fortress is located in the Province of Puerto Plata. It was used to protect the City of Puerto Plata from pirates and to prosecute political opponents by imprisoning them here. This historical fort has witnessed some of the most significant battles that America has ever fought like the Quasi War (1798-1800 AD) and the Battle of Puerto Plata Harbor (1800 AD). Fortaleza San Felipe was converted into a museum in 1965 AD and today you can see some of the historic wartime artifacts of bygone eras here.

Ocean World Adventure Park
Located close to the city of Puerto Plata, Ocean World Adventure Park is one of the best marinas in the Caribbean. You should not miss the opportunity of touching the dolphins and swimming with them, or to stand alongside the dreaded stingrays here. Next up in the list are the aquariums, white tigers and scores of tropical birds here.

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