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Book Hotels in Madison, Wisconsin

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Madison

Lying close to the University of Wisconsin, the neighborhood of Shorewood Hills is an excellent place for sightseeing. Beautiful homes sitting atop the hill display breathtaking views of the city. The neighborhood is home to many famous restaurants and upscale shops. You can easily reach Downtown from here.

Running along the eastern shore of Lake Mendota, the affluent neighborhood of Maple Bluff displays charming old world charm with its beautifully-designed old and sprawling mansions. Some of the remarkable buildings in the area are the Governor's Mansion and the Maple Bluff Country Club. A walk along the Lake is also very pleasing.

As the name suggests, the Mansion Hill neighborhood, positioned in north of capital square, is a treat for architecture lovers with its splendid Victorian houses and the renovated German Romanesque structures. Visitors can get various rented apartments in this upscale neighborhood.

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