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Hotels in Lima, Peru

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Lima

Displaying a Spanish colonial charm, the neighborhood of Lima Centro is ideal for budget travelers. Explore beautiful architectures like the Plaza de Armas and palaces that have been turned into government offices.

One of the most affluent areas in Lima, Miraflores & San Isidro is home to various swanky restaurants and bars. Find some of the finest hotels along the boulevards.

A peaceful seashore village covering miles of area along the ocean, the neighborhood of Barranco is mainly known for its effervescent nightlife. Here you can find cool nightclubs and live-music spots.

Lying along beautiful beaches, the District of Chorrillos is good for sightseeing. Experience a spectacular view over the whole bay of Lima and enjoy a leisurely stroll or just relax near the beautiful Malecon.

Home to one of the oldest Golf courses in South America, San Isidro one of the best areas to stay in Lima. Enjoy a walk along the El Oliver Park with its centuries old Olive trees. The great Country Club hotel is also located in this neighborhood.

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