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Cheap Lima Vacation Packages

Lima is what lies between Spain and eternity. It is the national capital of Peru, the country that was home to ancient civilizations like Norte Chico and the legendary Incas. In 1532 AD, the Spanish invaded Peru, put all the Incans to sword and founded Lima as ‘the king of cities. Lima is a city that can be best explored on a bicycle because it has a flat terrain for most part and a tropical climate, which is neither too hot nor too cold.

Places of Interest in Lima
Aliaga House
Aliaga House was made upon a piece of land that Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro had gifted to one of his accountants, Jeronimo de Aliaga in 1535 AD, and it is considered to be the oldest house in Americas. Ever since that day, the Aliaga House has been home to seventeen generation of Aliaga family and their cultural heritage.

Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor)
Plaza de Armas or the Plaza Mayor is a prominent UNESCO Heritage Site because it is mostly a reconstruction of an old city square that was destroyed in an earthquake in 1746 AD. The square is flanked by Archbishop’s Palace, Casa del Oidor (home of the listener) and Palacio del Gobireno (Palace of Government) on three sides. Casa del Oidor was the place where the learned people or judges used to give justice to the masses while Palacio del Gobireno is the seat of Peruvian Government.

Museo de la Nacion (National Museum)
Lima is a historical city of sixteenth century of Spanish origin. However, the language of the city and the culture followed therein isn’t exactly Spanish, for it is heavily influenced by Castilian Spanish and is called Peruvian Coast Spanish. The same pleasant shock would await you in Mueso de la Nacion (National Museum of Peru) as it will offer you a deep insight into Peru’s ancient history and culture, which was of Incan in the beginning and then switched to Spanish culture after the mayhem. The museum also has a vast collection of artifacts from both the ancient eras.

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