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Hotels in Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Grand Cayman Island

Seven Mile Beach attracts visitors with its sheer beauty and serene ambiance. Scores of upscale hotels like the Marriot Hotel, luxury resorts and restaurants are located near the beachside. Visitors can also try snorkeling near some small reefs just off the shore. Loud music is not allowed near the beach.

To the south of Seven Mile Beach, George Town serves as the nerve center of economic activities in Grand Cayman Island offering more than 600 banks. The area is home of the noted marine wildlife artist and conservationist, Guy Harvey. Visitors can explore s a turtle farm and the limestone formations of Hell and buy lovely turtle shell-based items.

The North Side neighborhood is very famous among beach lovers because of its pristine and secluded coastline. You can either relax near sun-kissed beaches or indulge in activities like diving and snorkeling.

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