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Cheap Grand Cayman Island Vacation Packages

The Cayman Islands are one of three islands in the Caribbean Sea, about ninety miles south of Cuba. This group of islands is a supreme catch for divers for its beautiful combination of coral reefs, turquoise waters and sandy beaches. A star attraction here is the Seven Mile beach and is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Next up is an excursion is to Stingray City where tourists can stand close to a number of stingrays and feed them while themselves snorkeling in three feet deep waters. One can play around with them and even lift them above water to pose for photos and the sting rays would still not bite. Last but not least, you can head towards Hell. No, it’s not the one that Satan rules, but rather a creepy little place known for its strange red and black rock formations that look like goblins or leprechauns.

Places of Interest in Grand Cayman Island
Seven Mile Beach
If you’re looking for the best possible Caribbean beach this summer, you can’t look beyond the Seven Mile Beach. This 6.3 miles long strip of wonder is known for its scenic beauty, palm trees, turquoise waters and is free of consistent nagging of vendors and hawkers. You can also find a number of resorts and hotels just ahead of the stretch. Delicious seafood is another plus point here and you would soon develop a strong liking for the famous Lobster Bisque in Cognac Cream and Lobster Quesadillas dishes here.

Cayman Islands National Museum
The Cayman Islands National Museum is a museum in the former Old Courts Building, Cayman Islands. It is dedicated to the preservation, research and display of historical and cultural aspects of local heritage. Conceptually, the museum traces its roots to 1930s when a local resident began collecting artifacts and other collectibles as a hobby. Soon her collection grew up to a sizeable amount and was then purchased by the local government so as to make it the subject of a museum. Today, the Cayman Islands National Museum has over 8,000 items and artifacts.

This is unlike any other experience you can possibly think of. Hell is a group of short, reddish-black or black limestone formations located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Visitors can admire these weird natural formations from elevated platforms but are not allowed to walk over any of the fragile formations below. The name ‘Hell’ is derived from the fact that if a pebble is thrown out into the formation, it echoes among the limestone peaks and valleys and sounds as if it is falling all the way down to ‘Hell.’ The place is the result of a unique formation which is characterized by numerous uneven, pointed black limestone structures resulting from biological erosion.

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