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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Carlsbad

Downtown Carlsbad is located along the Carlsbad village drive and now has a bevy of commercial establishments. It is home to several specialty restaurants, apparel stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. A thriving locality it is visited by tourists round the year.

La Costa Greens is a newly built residential neighborhood on the hillside. With homes facing the Pacific Ocean, the whole area looks beautiful and is worth the visit. Full of community resorts, heath clubs, tennis courts and others, it is one of the most happening localities in Carlsbad. Shop, eat out or visit top hangouts, this is definitely a top area to visit.

Calavera Hills as a neighborhood is undeniably breathtaking situated at the Northeast quadrant of Carlsbad. It is a planned locality with every civic amenity for the residents. Tourists are a norm because of its attractions.