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Cheap Carlsbad Vacation Packages

Carlsbad (in California, US) is visited by thousands of visitors every year for its mineral springs. Most of the visitors here are Germans or the ones who prefer spa treatment or the ones who prefer its relaxed oceanfront atmosphere. Carlsbad is also a prominent seaside resort city along the Pacific Ocean that offers comparatively cleaner and better maintained beaches than you’ll find in neighboring cities. However, the city’s trump card is Legoland California, a famous theme park based on the popular toy line with sculptures made of the little plastic bricks and lots of Lego-themed rides.

Legoland Amusement Park
If you have only an hour to spend in Carlsbad, you should go to Legoland Amusement Park. This famous theme based park is the leading attraction of the beach city and is a kid’s paradise. It has more than fifty exciting rides and stellar attractions, central to which is Explorer Island that offers children to “dig up” for fake fossils and a look-alike of Drachenjagd, the well-known roller coaster in Legoland Germany. Besides, some aquatic Lego models also spew water in another inbuilt attraction here, Water Park.

Museum of Making Music
Let aside visiting one, when was the last time you had heard of a museum dedicated to the history of music in a city? Visitors to Carlsbad often flock to Museum of Making Music to witness a rare part of history in this queer place and they return both enlightened and pleased. This iconic museum tangibly describes the development of music and musical instruments since 1890 to the present date through its half a thousand vintage instruments and hundreds of old audio samples.

The Flower Fields
What could possibly be more colorful than colors themselves or more fragrant than fragrance itself? Welcome to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad where your multisensory faculties experience a calm and rejuvenating experience, regardless of your age. From March 1 to early or mid-May every year, almost fifty acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers are in full bloom here and are admired by tons of visitors from around the globe for a certain entry fees.

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