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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Bucharest

Located in the eastern part of Bucharest, the neighborhood of Titan is one of the oldest areas in the city. Bounded by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, the area offers ample opportunities for walking with its wide squares and boulevards. Shopaholics will love to visit Auchan and Cora hypermarkets while the Gloria cinema is sure to attract movie buffs.

One of the famous riverfront areas in Bucharest, Vitan lies in the southeast portion of the city. Enjoy a stroll along the scenic Dambovita River in this one of Bucharest’s oldest neighborhoods. Apart from views the area is home to the Bucharest Mall offering a lot of specialty stores. Don’t forget to visit the Vacaresti Lake.

In the southeast Bucharest lies the neighborhood of Dudesti that was a village earlier. The area is an ideal place to study the Neolithic Dudesti culture . The tram Depot is also worth a visit.