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Zen and the Art of Traveling with Your Kids

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Written by Suzy Guese

This blog post was updated on November 22, 2021.

From the sudden tantrums to loading up all the extra gear, traveling with kids can seriously challenge your inner peace. While travel offers enrichment for the whole family, half way through your vacation, you could be asking yourself, “Why did we go?”

But vacationing with kids doesn’t have to be a giant headache. We’ve rounded up some crucial advice to make traveling with kids in tow a picnic rather than a train wreck.

Book Hotel Rooms with Separate Spaces

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It might be tempting to secure that tiny hotel room with the tiny room rate. However, families need extra space to maintain some harmony when traveling. From thrown off sleep schedules to busy travel days, your hotel room should work for the whole family. Families should look to book rooms with separate spaces, such as suites with a living room area and a separate bedroom. Kids can still get their crucial naps and you can have some space to recoup at the end of the day.

Avoid Over-Planning Your Days

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There can be an urgency to see it all in the short amount of time that you have when you travel with the family. However, with kids, you have to slow down your touring. Parents should resist over-planning their travel days or face tired and cranky family members. Families need to go with the flow and resist pushing the limits. Enjoy the activities that you and your kids can partake in and relish the lull when little Jimmy decides to have a tantrum in the middle of the day. You want to try to stick to your kids’ routines and schedules as much as possible with naptimes, meals, and bedtime even while traveling.

Always Pack an Extra Change of Clothes for You and the Kids

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Most parents will know that you need an extra change, or changes, of clothes for the little ones on travel days. However, you can sometimes forget about yourself and lose it when you end up covered in their mess with nothing to change into on the plane or the road. Travel days can mean getting motion sick, spills, and mishaps. You can be better prepared knowing that you have a spare change of clothes in case something happens. Trust me, no one can keep calm while covered in throw up on a 4-hour flight!

Stay in Central Locations with Nearby Amenities

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If you are staying in a city, it’s always a good idea to stay in a central location with kids. If your toddler decides to have a meltdown in the middle of the museum, it can be a comforting thought to know that your hotel isn’t far away. At the same time, older kids can explore a bit on their own if there are amenities and attractions near your accommodations. Hotels out in the middle of nowhere aren’t always the smartest places to stay as a family, especially if they lack a restaurant in the lobby or across the street.

Do you travel with kids? What other pieces of advice would you add to the list? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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