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Worth The Price: Four Travel Items You Shouldn’t Skimp On

This blog post was updated on July 9, 2021.

For most travelers, they want to get there, travel around their destination and return home, all for an affordable price. Travel doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg but there are certain travel items you shouldn’t skimp on in the end. While you can save money by having a weary eye on airfare or hotels, you shouldn’t pull back the budget for these items. If you do, you might face problems not just down the road but also on the road.

Luggage: Bad zippers and cheap stitching will show their true colors when you hit the road. Travel is hard on luggage. The minute you check your bag, how your bag is treated is completely out of your hands. It might be tossed several feet on to conveyor belts or jammed at baggage claim. As you travel, luggage only experiences more wear and tear. While there are areas that you can save on in the travel department, you want to invest in a good quality suitcase. It should be well made in turns of zippers and fabric. It is also a good idea to look for lengthy warranties when you buy a backpack or rolling suitcase in case anything does break on your bag. A hole in your suitcase or a broken zipper is a travel disaster waiting to happen. Don’t go cheap in the luggage department.

Walking Shoes
: The cheaper the shoe, the more likely you are to meet a sole that doesn’t appreciate extensive travel. As you travel, your footwear takes a beating, specifically in places like Europe where you might be walking more than usual. While you could purchase the cheapest pair of walking shoes that you can find, you will most likely have to replace that pair on your trip with a more expensive option. The comfort of your feet is extremely important for keeping up on those long sightseeing days or merely just to get around. Don’t skimp on walking shoes if you don’t want to lose your sole on your trip too.

Well-Located Accommodations
: On my travels, I will often find accommodations outside the city center to be much cheaper than those in the city center. However, I always regret the decision to go cheap with the location of my accommodations. I end up spending more time and money to get into the city that I want to explore that those accommodations outside of the city often equal the price of staying in town. If you are here to see the place, you might as well stay in the destination, not outside of it.

A Camera: Travel is all about having experiences. In order to remember and record those memories, you need a camera to capture where you were and when on that journey. While you could purchase the cheapest camera around, your photographs will often indicate that the camera was inexpensive. As you can’t go back and retake those photographs when you get home, you don’t want to be cheap when it comes to buying a camera for your trip. You don’t have to buy a digital SLR camera but you should at least look for a point and shoot that comes recommended for the quality of its photographs.


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