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Winning Design Unveiled in JetBlue’s Crewmember Tailfin Design Contest

This blog post was updated on November 2, 2018.

After tallying more than 30,000 public votes, JetBlue unveiled the winning design for their Crewmember Tailfin Design contest yesterday at Long Beach airport in California.


In a red carpet ceremony attended by JetBlue employees and customers, crewmember Troy Bokosky’s “Building Blocks” design was revealed on the back of an Airbus A320.


So where did Troy’s inspiration come from? Bokosky, who studied Art and Graphic design at Cal State Long Beach, said he simply wanted to create a design that would look good as a tie with his uniform.


Quirky tailfins are nothing new for JetBlue. The budget carrier, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, recently showed off a unique “I Heart Blue York” tailfin in a partnership with the tourism board of New York State.


Source: PRNewswire

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