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10 Accessible & Wheelchair-Friendly Cities to Visit on Your Next Trip!

young disabled man in wheelchair walking park
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on June 23, 2022.

It’s surprising that, even in today’s world, wheelchair accessibility is not as widespread as it should be. Some destinations are better than others, of course. If you’re looking for domestic or international destinations but also need to take into account wheelchair accessibility…we’ve got you covered. From wheelchair airport assistance to accessibility at famous sites and monuments, this list of exciting and dynamic wheelchair-friendly cities will dispel any mobility concerns you may have!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Aerial view of Las Vegas strip in Nevada as seen at night USA

Whether you’re heading to Vegas to find excitement on the casino floor, catch one of the city’s famous live shows, dive into the world-famous dining scene, or simply chill out by the pool, you’ll find this city is one that aims to be accessible to all. Accommodations and attractions here are especially well designed for guests arriving in wheelchairs. An impressive number of tours to the nearby areas such as the Grand Canyon are wheelchair friendly as well.

Barcelona, Spain

Inclined wheelchair lift for people with disabilities. Barcelona. Spain.

Said to be the most accessible city in Europe, Barcelona beckons all who seek to enjoy the city’s many wondrous sights. The vast majority of metro stations and all buses are wheelchair accessible. Even the ancient medieval quarter is relatively easy to navigate by wheelchair, and keeping city beaches accessible to everyone is of chief importance to the locals and part of the welcoming Catalan culture.

Seattle, Washington

Hipster son running with disabled father in wheelchair at park

Seattle has what many believe to be America’s most accessible transportation system. As soon as you land at Sea-Tac airport, you’ll be quite impressed by its wheelchair airport assistance. You’ll also see that taxis, buses, light rail trains, and ferries are equipped with ramps to enable everybody get around in this especially hilly city. Even many nature areas in and around town are accessible with boardwalks and viewing platforms. From exploring the Puget Sound to heading to the top of the Space Needle to take in the panoramas, you can create your itinerary with confidence that you’ll be able to do all the things you want when you visit.

Berlin, Germany

Aerial view of Berlin skyline and Spree river in beautiful evening light at sunset in summer, Germany

Mostly flat and with lots of newly constructed buildings and broad streets and sidewalks, the capital of Germany is an easy town to roam around. You won’t encounter any difficulties visiting famous landmarks such as the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, even the Reichstag. And you’ll likely find public transport to be extremely efficient, impeccably clean, and wonderfully accessible!

Washington D.C.

Disabled people sitting on wheelchair and going to the public bus

All of the main attractions in the nation’s capital are accessible. This includes the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian, and the National Gallery of Art. Sidewalks are wide and every Metro station has at least one elevator.


Sunset of Singapore Skyline. Singapore`s business district, blue sky and night view for marina bay

Thoughtful urban planning has made the tiny city-state of Singapore an exalted example of how accessibility for all can be achieved and how it can make a place more enjoyable for everyone. An already impressive and growing number of Singapore’s shopping centers, parks, hotels, and attractions are fully accessible and barrier free. All Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations are as well, with ramps, elevators, and wheelchair-accessible toilets. All metro trains have at least two wheelchair accessible carriages.

London, UK

London does not skimp on the services that it offers for travelers in wheelchairs. The capital city of the U.K. boasts a wide array of hotel accommodations with wheelchair-accessible rooms at every price point, making it easy to find lodging that suits your needs. Your travel experience in London starts with the impressive accessibility provided by its two major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. London’s public transportation system features the Managed by Transport for London (TfL) website, which will help you to plan your routes with your wheelchair needs in mind, taking the stress out of planning your adventures around town. Lastly, the city’s sidewalks are also some of the most easily navigated in the world when using a wheelchair with most major crosswalks accessible.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna has been recognized as one of the world’s most accessible cities, thanks in large part to the city’s commitment to providing a barrier-free experience. This policy extends to its public spaces in particular, so travelers in wheelchairs can be sure that the tourist attractions have been engineered with accessibility in mind. Even some of the most historic sites have been retrofitted with accessibility as the goal. Most paved areas are flat and smooth. While you will find the occasional ancient cobblestone street, it is not enough of a hindrance to keep you from getting around. The transpiration hubs also serve those in wheelchairs with plenty of ramps, lifts, and raised platforms.  You can also find specialized tours for travelers in wheelchairs.

Oslo, Norway

It is easy to experience all of the beauty and history of Oslo, Norway when you are in a wheelchair. The bulk of the city’s most popular tourist attractions are accessible to those on wheels, with the city continuing to make improvements to its infrastructure to allow for more freedom of movement. All but one of the city’s metro train stations are accessible, and every city bus provides step-free access. You can also hire private wheelchair taxis to take you around the city. It is easy to explore some of Oslo’s premier attractions while in a wheelchair, including the famed Opera House, the Royal Palace, the Fram Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, the sprawling Frogner Park, and more. The use of a wheelchair will not stop you from discovering all that Oslo has to offer.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the most wheelchair-friendly countries in the world, so it makes sense that its crown jewel of Sydney is also highly accessible! Visitors to the beautiful Manly Beach can even rent a specially designed beach wheelchair to get them around in the sand. Or head to Scenic World where you can enjoy the sweeping views of the Blue Mountains all from the comfort of your own chair. No trip to the biggest city in Australia is complete without a visit to the top of the Sydney Tower Eye. This accessible Skywalk provides the thrill of a lifetime regardless of if you are walking or on wheels. Sydney is certainly a great option to consider if you’re thinking about booking cheap international flights to a wheelchair-friendly city!

Know any other wheelchair-friendly destinations across the world? Let us know at our comments section below!

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