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What to Pack for a Beach Wedding

Written by Shannon Durso

This blog post was updated on December 24, 2019.

Attending a destination wedding can be stressful to both the bridal party as well as to guests. Even after managing to find some cheap flight deals, you seem to be overwhelmed, over-packed or worse still, under-packed because you’re uncertain of what you’ll need. Whatever your case of packing-anxieties may be, create a checklist of key essentials; it’ll definitely be helpful while packing. And remember to pack all important and valuable materials in a carry-on bag specifically when going to a wedding!

Read below for everything you’ll need to add to your packing checklist.

What Clothing Do I Pack?


First and foremost, know the dress code and formality of the wedding — guests may be required to have shoulders covered for religious purposes or it may be the opposite, with no preferred dress code. While deciding on what to wear, check out the weather in the place where you’re headed. For women, a bright colored dress or suit is a good option and for men, a light colored suit or shirt and tie is usually appropriate to wear. Remember that your clothing will be stuffed in a suitcase and folded so choose materials that are not prone to tough wrinkles. All attire for the wedding should be in your carry-on luggage, including the shoes you will be wearing. Lastly, include a few strapless swimsuits (to prevent tan lines) for the rest of your time at the beach.  

Must I Wear Shoes?

Usually, beachgoers prefer to be barefoot in the sand; however, when attending a beach wedding this should not apply. Guests should wear either sandals or a heel to dress up for the occasion. But, don’t be surprised to see the bride and groom barefoot on their special day. If you’re staying for a few extra days, pack extra comfortable shoes just as you would for a normal vacation.   

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How to Pack Accessories


If you’re planning to wear jewelry and it is of value to you, then pack it in your carry-on. Hair accessories needed for a beach wedding include hairspray, a curling or flat iron (depending on your preference), a hairbrush, and bobby pins. Makeup along with sunscreen and aloe can be packed in your checked luggage. Match your handbag to your wedding outfit and don’t forget your best pair of sunglasses! Ultimately, it’s best to be prepared than not to be especially if a nail breaks, you get a sunburn, or you’re experiencing a bad hair day (that would stink).

Can’t Forget the Electronics

Before you take off with those cheap flights deals for your beach wedding, be sure to charge all electronics (or make sure you can charge what you need on the plane!). We bet you’re going to want to snap away so take your best camera when traveling to a destination wedding. Waterproof cases are recommended to protect your electronics from any damage. Cell phones, cameras, and maybe even a speaker to play music would be the best items to bring along.

How to Pack Personal Items

How could you forget these! To be packed in a carry-on bag is all item you basically can’t live without such as medication, passport and identification, credit cards and cash. Other replaceable personal items such as hygiene products and toiletries can be packed away in your checked luggage.

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Some Helpful Tips


A Tip for Guests: It’s best to pack your bags in advance to ensure you don’t leave any necessary items behind. Do some research on your hotel or place of stay — you may not need that steamer or that bulky hair dryer if your room provides them for you. Oh, and don’t worry we’re sure the bride is having a much harder time than you while packing!

A Tip for the Bride: It may seem impossible to forget, but the most tragic nightmare for any bride is forgetting her wedding dress while traveling to her destination wedding location. To prevent this from ever happening, consider shipping your wedding dress along with the grooms’ tux and all major wedding materials to your destination. Turning into a ‘bridezilla’ before even landing is what we DON’T want to happen.


Did we forget any important items to add to your packing checklist? Let us know in the comment section below!

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