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Summer Lovin’: 4 Underrated Romantic Getaways for Every Type of Couple

Written by Tasmiah Rashid

Ahhh, summer romance. A chance to go off the grid, take a dreamy break with your better half and reboot (or if you’re newly in love, jumpstart) your relationship. But where to go? No two couples are the same, so it’s natural that you want the destination that’s just right for you and your partner — somewhere that has the right balance of seclusion, exhilaration and relaxation, while also avoiding the tourist-filled crowds of honeymooners on your stay.

Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down a list of some of our favorites! From beaches to eateries and raves to ravines — here are four unique romantic getaways across the globe, for every type of couple.

The Beach Bum Couple


Romantic Summer Getaways - Seychelles

Sun, sand and creole BBQ. Need we say more? Ditch the crowds and opt for a sunny sojourn in Mahé — the largest island of Seychelles where your romantic getaway will feel like you and your significant other have landed on your own private island. Remember those romantic movie scenes? The ones where actors walk hand-in-hand on pristine beaches looking out at the clearest, calmest blue waters with lush-green mountain peaks in the background and the night ends with an intimate bonfire of freshly grilled delicacies made by locals who sing, drink and dance the night away? Well, Mahé is the real-life version of exactly that.

The multi-hued, blue waters surrounding the island are sure to redefine what you think “crystal clear” looks like, with a string of over sixty beaches along the coast, and at its center lies a thriving, flourishing rain forest. Whether you two want to embrace your inner bohemian and find a tucked-away corner of a stunning beach to get sun-drenched, or you want to lounge in luxury at a high-end, all-inclusive resort (complete with spas and lavish villas with a view) the island is brimming with options for all kinds of beach-bums—all without having to fret about crowds when you and your loved one are soaking up some rays and romance.

The Foodie Couple


Summer Romantic Getaways - San Sebastian

Considered one of the crown jewels of Spain for tourism, this Basque Country beach town holds not one, not two and not even ten but…eighteen Michelin Stars within a twenty-five-kilometer radius. That’s more Michelin Stars per square meter than other famous epicurean cities like Paris and New York City! San Sebastian (or Donostia as the locals call it) is home to awe-inspiring architecture, brilliant beaches and most importantly, drool-worthy delicacies, so you’re likely to find everything you could ask for on both your romantic getaway and foodie agendas.

So, what should you start your gastro-ventures with when you’re here? Start with the local classic pintxos (pronounced “peen-cho”) — bite-sized or skewered pieces of meat, fish, and/or vegetables served on top of small pieces of bread. This finger-food is not only a fan favorite in this area, but it’s considered quintessential to Basque cuisine. For some of the best pintxos, head to the charming streets of Parte Vieja (Old Town), where you’ll find the tastiest varieties of these tiny treats! While you’re here, don’t forget to sink your teeth into some seafood. Salt cod, boquerones en vinagre (pickled anchovies) and kokotxas (fish cheeks) are just a few of the world-renowned fish dishes you must try on your romantic getaway in San Sebastian.

The Outdoorsy Couple


Romantic Summer Getaways - Lofoten Islands

If a romantic trip for two means venturing to the great outdoors, Lofoten is sure to send your sporty senses soaring. From rock climbing and skiing, arctic surfing and midnight kayaking, to good ol’ biking and hiking, not only can you do it all in Lofoten, but you can sport all…day…long. Yep! NYC may be the city that never sleeps, but in these islands, you can experience a sun that never sets. While the breathtaking views of mountains set against crystal blue waters and the colorful fishing towns are around all year, in the summer months, the Lofoten Islands experience something called the midnight sun — a natural phenomenon when the sun remains visible until midnight.

Tired from all that physical activity, but still craving some adventure? Then head to the Lofotr Viking Museum, where you can travel 1,000 years back in time. Dine like Viking royalty in the Chieftan’s House — a full-scale replica of the largest longhouse discovered in all of Europe, ogle at the gullgubber (gold foil talismans) at the archaeological exhibition, sail on a Viking ship, throw an ax, shoot an arrow…basically, you can pretty much do just as the Vikings once did, all in this museum. Talk about adventure!

The Party Couple



Often referred to as the Ibiza of South Asia, Goa is not only a stunning party destination, it’s also a unique one. This former Portuguese colony, famous for its breathtaking beaches, mouthwatering local cuisine and colorful open-air markets, hosts some of the most epic parties on an almost-daily basis. In the summers, you can choose from 24-hour psychedelic beach raves and dance parties under neon palm trees to boozing in tiny beach shacks or calling on lady luck to try your chances in an open-air beachfront casino. Whatever your vibe, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get your groove on in Goa.

For the most epic parties, make your way to Baga, Morjim or Ashwern Beach in North Goa, where most bars and restaurants are open until 4 AM in the morning! You’re going to have to walk off that hangover, somehow right? While you’re taking a break from the legendary nightlife, be sure to check out the many old, historic churches; take a romantic ride on a houseboat; or shop at Anjuna Flea Market — one of the most famous open markets in the world!


Have you gone on a romantic getaway to any of these destinations? Tell us about it in the comments section?

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