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Twilight Movie Tours in Portland

This blog post was updated on October 31, 2018.

So I may be one of the only women in the world to not have seen an entire film from the Twilight series, but I do know that it’s a saga that’s both topped the charts and gathered a cult following.


Those two points together seem like the perfect combination to call for a movie tour.


Whether they’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, Twilight fanatics boarding flights to Portland have the chance to participate in such tours.


Through Twilight fan tours, Twilight lovers can step into the movie and see where it was brought to life, all the while inciting emotions and triggering scenes between Bella, Edward and Jacob to play in their heads.


Experience Twilight takes movie lovers into the set for an entire day.  You’ll see plenty of glorious Portland scenery while also being taken to hot movie locations throughout your 8 hour day.  Tours include pick-up and drop-off from Portland, transportation, a guide, and a full lunch.


Participants will be able to have a pretty Twilight-filled day on this tour, but if that’s not enough, Twilight Fan Tours can even prepare a Twilight-themed hotel room or a birthday party.


Guided tours like this are generally fun and educational since someone is there to narrate, but they do cost a bit of money.  If the rates are going to drop your travel funds too close to zero, then you might be interested in dropping a simple $2.99 for the Movie Tours: Portland Oregon app for your iPhone.


This app holds the GPS coordinates for several hot spots from Portland area made movies such as Twilight, The Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy and Point Break.  Twilight is the most popular on the app with 35 movie locations tagged and ready for your perusal.


When building your own movie tour using the app, you have the option to click on a specific movie from the list and then see all the locations pinned on a map.  Click on the point of interest to be taken to an information page talking about where this location (like the Cullen house or the Swan house) was popular in the movie.


So, ladies — and yes, I’m assuming that 95% of the people wanting to do a Twilight tour are women — these are a few resources to take your Portland holidays to a supernatural level.


CC Flickr photo credit: pondskipper

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