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TSA Approved: 5 Items You Can Pack to Make Getting Through Airport Security Easier

Written by Lauren Saccone

This blog post was updated on August 11, 2021.

It’s a standard part of air travel — going through the TSA security checkpoint. Even the most worldly of travelers have been frustrated after spending hours waiting in line, only to find that their carefully packed items don’t meet the security requirements. But that all may change soon, as the TSA has opted to invest in hundreds of high-tech scanners for airports across the country.

These scanners will be used on all carry-on luggage, allowing you to breeze through security without having to unload your liquids and electronics. But those won’t be coming until the summer, and there’s no word as of yet regarding which airports will be getting the new scanners — meaning you could still find yourself stuck with the old TSA method.

Luckily, we can help. We’ve rounded up a list of TSA-approved items to make traveling easier than ever. These helpful items will get you through security (especially if you’re racing to catch some last minute flights) quickly and easily, even if your airport doesn’t get the first roll-out of those fancy new scanners.

Disposable Razors
TSA approved disposable razors

You can look your best while out and about, provided you make sure you bring along the right razors. While straight razors and safety razors need to be checked before you can board, disposable razors are TSA approved, which you can simply toss in your carry-on. You can grab a fresh pack of disposable razors before your next trip and be ready to fly the friendly skies without worrying about TSA checks.

Slip-On Shoes
TSA approved slip on shoes

Nothing slows down the line at security checkpoints faster than people fumbling with stubborn laces on their shoes. You’ll have to remove your footwear to get through security, so remember to wear a pair you can get off and on in no time flat. Flip-flops are a great option, as are sandals. If it’s going to be colder, opt for closed-toe shoes that slip off and on with ease. Whatever you opt for, make sure they’re easy to remove, so you can get through security with impressive speed.

Ready to get through airport security faster and easier? Better starting looking for some last minute flights!

Liquid Containers
TSA approved liquid containers

We all know by now that the TSA has very strict rules when it comes to bringing liquids onboard. While that may well change once the high-tech scanners become the norm, it’s best to play it safe and stick with the approved amounts the next time you head to the airport. You can opt for travel-sized versions of necessities like shampoo or toothpaste, but what do you do if you’d rather bring along your favorite body wash and moisturizer? That’s when you invest in a solid set of TSA-approved liquid containers. These are designed to fit the agency’s exact specifications. You can fill them with whatever liquids you need to bring on your travels, and pack them up confident that they won’t open or spill out when you’re en route to your destination.

Clear Plastic Bags
TSA approved - plastic bags

When in doubt, bag it up. Clear plastic bags are a must-have when you’re traveling, particularly if you want to get through security quickly. Not only will sorting your items into separate bags keep you organized throughout your travels (you can even bring along some extras for dirty laundry so it doesn’t get mixed up with your clean clothes), but it will also help you through the screening process. You’ll be able to quickly identify different items and show them to security, so you can get on your way in no time at all.

ID Holder
TSA approved ID holder

You’ll need to show your ID as you head through security, so be sure to have it handy. The best way to ensure that you aren’t frantically digging through your luggage to find your license or passport is to invest in a sturdy ID holder. That way you’ll have all your important paperwork on hand and ready, which will dramatically cut down on the time you spend in line, and help keep you organized no matter where your travels take you.

By being prepared with these TSA-approved items, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck in the security line for too long or missing your last minute flights.

Know of any other items that come in handy to get you through security faster? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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