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Traveling for Valentine’s Day? Four Money Saving Tips To Avoid Bank Account Heartbreak

This blog post was updated on December 17, 2021.

The course to true love never did run smooth, as Shakespeare once put it. Perhaps he wasn’t referring to the travel aspect to Valentine’s Day, but traveling for this romantic holiday is often a couples’ idea of the perfect February 14th. With Valentine’s Day just a few week’s away, you might not have planned on going anywhere, under the impression that hotels and restaurants are costly at this stage of the game. Rather than breaking hearts and resolving to just stay home, you can keep your wallet in tact and still have a Valentine’s Day away.

Hit The Road: If you haven’t booked a flight for a long weekend away this Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to just resign yourself to staying home. Travel doesn’t always have to involve plane tickets to find a new place away from home. Consider what is three hours from you, north, south, east or west. If an appealing destination appears on the map, get in the car and go. You can avoid the bag fees of flying or even those last minute airfares that can seem a mile high. The classic weekend road trip is always an option.

Search For Hotel Valentine’s Promotions and Packages: Many hotels offer Valentine’s Day packages and promotions for the ultimate date night. Rather than just looking for a normal rate, that might already be expensive, search for hotels at your destination that are running special Valentine’s Day promotions and packages. You might find that these offers come with a bottle of bubbly and chocolates, cutting out the need for searching for these items on top of a hotel rate.

Go Toward the Untraditional Valentine’s Day Destinations:
I remember when I was studying abroad in Italy how a group of couples were heading to Venice for Valentine’s Day. They couldn’t stay in Venice for hotel prices were well over $500 per night, even for the most barebones of spaces. Instead they were forced to shuttle into the romantic city and shuttle back out for the evening. While it might sound like a dream to sail the canals of Venice for Valentine’s Day, chances are many others have this dream. When you are looking to plan a Valentine’s Day away, consider less popular cities for the romantic holiday. By avoiding the popular, you can save a great deal on your Valentine’s Day trip from hotels to restaurants.

Seek out Coupons and City Passes For Everything From Attractions to Restaurants:
Many cities offer passes where you spend a flat rate and receive entry into museums, discounts on restaurants and even unlimited transportation in some cases. These sorts of city passes are ideal for the Valentine’s Day away. Many are only valid for 48 to 72 hours, the general length of time most people can allot to a Valentine’s Day weekend. They can also help with your itinerary planning as you can follow your pass to the attractions included in the price. If you are heading somewhere without these sorts of city passes, at least do a coupon search online of some of the attractions that you want to see or even restaurants that you want to dine out. There might be a special offer or discount lurking on the corners of the Internet to cut back the costs of traveling for Valentine’s Day.


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