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The Best Destinations For Your Big, Loud Group

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Written by Mary Zakheim

This blog post was updated on October 16, 2019.

We’ve all been on that trip with a ton of people: That rowdy bachelorette party or a disorganized study abroad venture. And we all know that sometimes it can be super fun… And sometimes it can be the worst trip you’ve ever taken. Of course, there are a bunch of variables at play on trips like these that you can’t control, but something that you can control is where you decide to go. Because some places are ideal for big, loud tourist groups and some are not. This is a list of things that are accommodating and welcoming to big groups. Read on and start planning the best big group trip you’ve ever taken!

Dublin, Ireland

Loud pubs, streets overflowing with music, and all in an easy-to-walk-around city? Sign us up. In Dublin, rowdy nights are the norm and your big group will be welcomed with open arms (and a pint of Guinness!). Depending on what kind of group you are, you can hole up in a cheap hostel nearest to all the nightlife or in a larger home… Wherever you choose, you will surely be close to everything — from one side of town to the other (okay, so it’s from the Guinness Storehouse to Trinity College) is only a 30-minute walk!

The campanile in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Prague, Czech Republic

For a large group on the search for culture, Prague is where you’ll find it. The city is littered with art galleries, interesting architecture, and really good beer. Like Dublin, from the rail station across the river to the famous Lennon wall and St. Nicholas Church is a quick 35-minute walk, which is accommodating to most large groups (nobody will complain too loudly about a 30-minute jaunt with frequent sightseeing spots along the way). Plus, there is a huge bar and club scene, which revel in large groups that add to the noise. Make sure to try some absinthe!

Prague, Czech Republic. Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) and Old Town Tower at sunrise.

Brighton, United Kingdom

Spurred by the 19th-century ruler King George IV’s love of the outlandish, Brighton is known to the rest of England as the place to go for quirky, out-of-the-box parties. By day, the seaside city looks run-of-the-mill: the sea laps at a pebbled beach, a proper pier extends into the icy waters, sheer cliffs drop off into the ocean. But at night, Brighton transforms into the UK’s premier destination for wild parties — drag shows, loud clubs, and colorful celebrations take over, making it the perfect spot for big groups to head to.

Carousel on Brighton's Beach

Austin, Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas and if they’re talking about music, food, and fun — then they’re right! Austin is having quite the renaissance right now, and for a good reason. The university town is also the Live Music Capital of the World and the honky-tonks that line the streets of East Austin prove the title right each and every night. But it ain’t all about the music. Book some flights to Texas and land in Austin for delicious food, outdoor fun, and lots of room for your big loud group.

Austin Texas Skyline Graffiti wall

Bali, Indonesia

Though one may think “rest and relaxation” when one thinks of Bali, there is another side to it — namely in Kuta, a place that most visitors would describe as cacophonous, chaotic, and LOUD. Perfect, then, for your large groups. Kuta is the center of the nightlife scene — as such, it’s not for everyone, but is definitely a good fit for huge groups. Party the night away in this beachside town, but don’t get on the wrong side of the law like some tourist groups do!

silhouettes of young people at famous sunset beach in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Berlin, Germany

Ah, Berlin! With history oozing out of its tailored streets, an easy-to-navigate mass transit system, and the plethora of flights to Germany from all over the world, it’s the pretty much a perfect city for a large group to visit together. During the day, one would do well to take a stroll through the buzzy city, whether your group prefers the hipster Kreuzberg or the uber posh Charlottenburg, and see the museums, street art, and culinary delights that Berlin has to offer. At night, though, get ready to party all night as the city becomes overrun with chic clubs, trendy patrons, and electric music.

Urban city life with famous Reichstag building in the background in beautiful golden evening light at sunset in summer with retro vintage Instagram style pastel toned filter effect, Berlin, Germany

Which of these cities would you rather travel to? Let us know in the comments!

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