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Take Advantage of Travel Tuesday With These Tried-and-True Tips!

Written by Gabby Teaman

In addition to preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, savvy shoppers are now gearing up for what is known as Travel Tuesday. Held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, this day is a great time to save on flights, hotel accommodations, and more. This dedicated day of travel savings has only been around since 2017, but even so numerous online travel portals have jumped on the bandwagon to offer some of the most significant savings of the season. Here are five tips to help you ensure that you score the best Travel Tuesday deals this year.

Research Prices in Advance

Budget planning Travel Tuesday deals

You’ll save the most money on Travel Tuesday flights if you take the time to research the average prices ahead of time. Because these deals will not last for long, you need to be ready to pull the trigger quickly. Getting a good sense of what a trip typically costs and what constitutes a good deal will help you to make the wisest decisions. Remember that just like other retailers, certain members of the travel industry have also been known to inflate regular prices to make it look as if you’re seeing a good deal. Doing your homework by tracking prices ahead of time will certainly pay off in this case.

Be Flexible with Dates and Destinations

Man booking Travel Tuesday deals

As with any travel experience, you’ll see the greatest level of savings if you’re flexible with your dates and destinations. It may not be enough to be flexible within a specific week. Try looking at different months for travel and you may see even more significant savings. Expanding your list of potential destinations to a larger geographic area will also give you more options. You never know how much more money you’ll be able to save if you’re willing to be as flexible as possible during the process.

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Read the Fine Print

Man looking at fine print of Travel Tuesday deals

As with any big purchase you make, be sure to read the fine print before you hit that buy button for Travel Tuesday deals. This means that you need to pay close attention to blackout dates, hidden fees, and other potential costs. Many of these great deals are only offered for limited dates and times. You may also find that some of the hotel deals require full prepayment and may be non-refundable. Be sure to go all the way through the booking process to make sure that you understand all the extra fees before you get your heart set on a particular trip. Paying attention to all the cancellation policies is especially important in case something comes up.

Consider One-Way Flights and Multiple Airlines

Woman booking Travel Tuesday deals

In addition to being flexible with dates and times, smart travelers also understand that they may find the best savings if they book one-way flights rather than round-trip flights. Putting together an itinerary piece by piece could save you a big chunk of change. Considering multiple airlines is another strategy that may deliver savings and make the inconvenience worth it. (Keep in mind, though, that if you miss your connecting flight, the next airline down the line doesn’t have to accommodate you on a later flight.) Being flexible when building an itinerary is a particularly good strategy when you’re traveling domestically.

Stick to Brands You Trust

If a deal sounds too good to be true, there’s a good chance that it is. Don’t make the mistake of falling victim to a scam just because the price is too enticing. Stick to travel brands that you know and trust. If you have never heard of a particular airline or hotel chain, be sure to do your research before booking. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource when researching the legitimacy of an unknown brand. When travelers have a bad experience, they’re very likely to find a place to vent. It’s also a bad sign if you aren’t able to find any reviews of the travel provider that you’re considering.

So which vacation are you planning this Travel Tuesday? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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