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Stocking Stuffers for the Travel Obsessed

This blog post was updated on August 2, 2019.

As someone who was born to travel, I know that when the holidays roll around I am ready and waiting for those travel-related gifts!


It is for this reason that I can also advise friends and family of what should be gifted to loved ones with an obsession for travel.


I mean, really, the last thing we would want would be a pair of slippers… unless of course they were slippers we could take with us on our upcoming trips to the Swiss Alps!


Here are some small stocking stuffer ideas for the upcoming holidays:


Travel Sized Toiletries:  If your travel obsessed loved one is anything like me, they probably get a little excited when walking through the travel toiletries section of the local store.  Gifting little travel bottles of shampoo and toothpastes will not only make them a little giddy, but also just help them have travel accessories in stock for impromptu trips.


TicketsPlane tickets are also nice… always.  But, if you can’t find cheap flights for that special someone, you can also give a train ticket or entrance tickets to attractions if you know where a traveler is headed next. Gas cards are also a great idea for road trippers.


Headlamp:  A headlamp is one thing that every traveler will find useful at some point.  Hostel stayers will often use headlamps to continue reading books in bed after other hostel mates have gone to sleep.  Those doing tours or anything outdoors, like hiking and camping, will see the hands-free headlamp as a priceless gift.


Maps:  Maps are something I always feel like I’m searching for when I arrive at a destination.  Getting maps for places I will be traveling to in the future would be a great idea since it can mean I will save time once I arrive and possibly have my route to hotels, hostels and attractions mapped out in advance.


Flight Socks:  Flight socks are very stocking stuffable — not to mention just plain beneficial for a traveler’s health.  Flight socks help with circulation on long flights and help prevent swelling and blood clots.


Money Belt:  Help your traveler friend or family member keep their money and passport safe with a money belt.  A money belt is a pouch you wear under your clothes, making it near impossible for pickpockets to snatch up your credit cards and cash you might have on you.


Foreign Currency:  I love looking at foreign money… and I love owning it even more.  If your loved one is planning to travel somewhere in the near future, why not give them a bit of foreign currency to use on their trip?  It helps them have cash in hand when they arrive and have to make it from the airport to their hotel.


CC Flickr photo credit: Jim Capaldi

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