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Single on Valentine’s Day? It’s Time to Plan a Soothing Solo Trip!

Solo trip ideas for valentine's day: Alone on Valentine's Weekend? Take a Soothing Solo Trip!
Written by Going Places

Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day of the year. And for whatever reason, you are single. You’re usually fine the other 364 days of the year, but with the constant stream of commercialized romance that comes with February 14, we don’t blame you for wanting a bit of time away. So, jump in the car, hop a train, or board a flight — because there’s nothing better than traveling on your own!

Here are some ideas for trips to take if you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day.

Treat Yourself

Solo trip ideas for valentine's day: Masseur doing massage on man body in the spa salon. Beauty treatment concept.

Whether your most recent failed romance ended just days ago or is months over, there’s nothing that’ll take your mind off heartache like some pampering. And while ordering takeout and binge watching Netflix might be how you usually spoil yourself, why not leave it to the professionals? Finding a decent day spa is pretty easy, preferably one that’s just a few hours away and also has an adjoining hotel. Feel free to sleep in, order room service, enjoy a massage, partake in facials and skin treatment, and more.

Rough It

Many have argued in favor of the healing power of communing with nature. Thoreau had Walden Pond, Jack London had Alaska, and Hemingway had Key West. So why not crib from them and enjoying the therapeutic effect of getting back to the back woods? Sure, it’s the middle of February, but if you’re within traveling distance to warm enough areas, you can probably find some pristine spots where it’s worth popping a tent or unrolling a bedroll to sleep under the stars. Too cold for camping where you’re heading? Rent a cabin and warm up with a wood stove when the brisk outdoors get a little too chilly.

Learn Something

Solo trip ideas for valentine's day: view of a young female wanderer out sightseeing in a foreign city

Traveling isn’t just for relaxing and clearing your head; it can also be used to expand your knowledge. Spend the time away checking out some museums — there’s practically one for every area of interest that you could possibly have. Plenty of cities have a variety of walking tours that give visitors an understanding of history, which includes everything from a city’s architecture, food, diversity, and even crime.

Give Back

There’s a sentiment that goes along the lines that when a person takes it on to help someone, they also help themselves. Charity work can nourish the soul and there are plenty of people out there who need help, including those who don’t live near you. Luckily, the genre of travel known as voluntourism mixes taking a trip and lending a hand. You can build homes in an impoverished foreign country, help feed another city’s homeless, or even assist with the protection of endangered animals.

Get Spiritual

 Solo trip ideas for valentine's day: Group Of Mature Men And Women In Class At Outdoor Yoga Retreat Sitting Circle Meditating

Oftentimes, being single for a long time or just recovering from a long-term relationship can leave you questioning a lot of things. Why not take the time to find some answers? You can book cheap plane tickets for that pilgrimage tour you’ve always wanted to do. Or maybe, there’s an ashram or other meditation camp that can put some balance back into your life. Whatever it is that can help you find that happy middle ground in your mind, is exactly what you should pursue right now. After all, it’s new experiences like these that can truly unlock your full potential and give you a better attitude to achieve all the secret goals that we all spend a lot of time dreaming about.

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Express Yourself

Sometimes, a little travel to reignite past passions can be the perfect way to celebrate a weekend. Your talents and hobbies, although dormant, could help you rediscover a lot of things about yourself. Maybe you dabbled in a bit of art in college but didn’t have time for it once your corporate career kicked on. Well, this is the opportune moment to go on that artist retreat a few states away. Played guitar in a band but gave it up because you didn’t have time? Pick up that axe once again and head out on the road to a guitar workshop that’s taking place on a resort. If you always wanted to put the great story ideas in your mind on paper but never got around to fine-tuning your words, find a writer’s workshop in a pristine setting. Hey, even if you’ve always fancied yourself as quick-witted and not afraid of getting up on stage, maybe even signing up in a neighboring city’s open-mic night at a comedy club can leave you with a new found confidence you never knew you had.

Push Your Limits

Solo trip ideas for valentine's day: Sky diving tandem self portrait

While relaxation and self-discovery are great ways to enjoy your solo weekend, there may be some of you who prefer a healthy dose of adrenaline to make a trip a memorable success. Whether you’re a born daredevil or just curious, there are a number of  adventurous outings that will satisfy your heart’s desire. You can always book that bungee jumping getaway or go to a location that offers skydiving. If you’re a person who loves being in and around water, then go ahead and book that scuba diving session or learn how to kayak with a one-on-one instructor. If keeping your feet on the ground is a prerequisite to your weekend, then grab a bike and head out into the wilderness on dirt tracks and across streams or get out of your comfort zone with a 5-mile hike up a mountain. You’ll realize that the more you try to break out of your boundaries, the happier you’ll feel about yourself.

Do you have any other ideas for a solo trip over Valentine’s day? Share them with us in the comments.

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