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10 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

Written by Staff Writer

Traveling is a gift to yourself. Getting out and seeing the world doesn’t have to stop because you don’t have a partner to travel with. There are plenty of interesting and exciting travel spots to visit on your own. Here are some of the best destinations for solo travelers.


If you like to tour on two wheels, then Stockholm may be the place for you. Bike rentals are easy and affordable in this capital city. For just a few krona, you can rent a bike for the day and see the city from end to end. The Nobel Prize Museum, showcasing all the winners of the prize, is an interesting place to visit as is Gamla Stan, the Old City. Here you can tour several museums and check out the royal palace for an Instagram-worthy shot. If bicycling isn’t your thing, there is a nice system of public transportation in town with reasonable costs and easily understood maps.


Often overlooked, this island nation is definitely one of the 10 best destinations for solo travelers. It’s small enough to easily get around in and most of the country speaks English as well as Maltese. You can spend hours visiting historic sites or even the walled city of Mdina where some 300 people still live. Afterward, grab one of the small boats offering tours of the Blue Hole, an amazing geological phenomenon in the waters off the island. And after all that exploring, don’t miss getting fresh fish for dinner at one of the unique restaurants in Marsaskala.


Portugal is another good destination for those on their own. English-speakers are plentiful and it’s safe and affordable. Though safe, regular care should be taken when walking alone at night. There are some good hostels that offer activities designed to let Solo Travelers get to know one another. Older travelers will also feel comfortable spending time in Portugal getting to know the seaside towns and countryside alike.


For the solo traveler who loves spending time in the great outdoors, Dominica is a fantastic option, offering rafting, caving, hiking, and backpacking. The government’s protections of land have kept many resort-type properties at bay so the island’s natural beauty is there to enjoy. Of course, if you are just looking for some personal beach time, Dominica’s white sand is just waiting to let you indulge. Additionally, the local community is welcoming to visitors, and there’s an interesting colonial heritage to explore.


While you may be familiar with the whiskey, the folklore, or the green of the country, Ireland offers a range of fascinating things to get to know. Both the cities of Dublin and Galway offer arts, literature, and historic sites aplenty. If you’re interested in archaeology, then you don’t want to miss the Aran Islands which are home to several medieval forts. Or you can make your way to the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast in County Clare. With wondrous views and amazing geography, you’ll easily understand why they’re some of Ireland’s most visited sites.

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Thailand is especially safe for women traveling alone, offering a tourist-friendly atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Whether you go exploring with a backpack or stick to nicer resorts, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your time away. Looking to soak up some sun? The beaches of Thailand are world-class. Want a little adventure? Check out the hiking in the northern rainforest. Of course, you will find good food and interesting company all along the way. And nicest of all is that flights to Thailand are pretty cheap.

New Zealand

Perhaps the best reason to visit New Zealand comes from listening to those who rave after they have gone there themselves. New Zealand is safe, beautiful, clean and interesting. Outdoor lovers will find their nirvana in this southern hemisphere country with a range of activities to choose from. There are rainforests, fjords, waterfalls, and miles of beautiful trails to explore. You can sign up for a tour of the waters around the island, or even spend a day on Waiheke touring New Zealand’s wine country.


If you think Iceland is all about the ice, think again. The modern country offers amazing restaurants, beautiful art galleries, a lively nightlife, and if you time it right, a celestial light show. If it’s scenery you crave, then spending time exploring the mountains and waterfalls should be on your vacation bucket list for this country. Iceland is one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis, the colorful light show created by disturbances in the magnetosphere.

Costa Rica

For a decidedly exotic experience, strap on a backpack and head into the beauty of Costa Rica. There are volcanoes to climb, caves to explore, jungles to hike in, and zip lines to swoosh down. After a full day of adventure exploration, you can kick back at one of the country’s cafés or farm-to-table restaurants featuring the best of Costa Rican fare.


While Singapore may feel far away, its modern amenities and English-speaking population will help solo travelers feel right at home. You can get to know the Hindu religion by visiting one of the many temples in the country or add to your cultural knowledge by spending time at one of the museums. When you need some retail therapy, there are some fantastic shopping options just waiting for you.

So don’t be cowed by your singleness. Pack your bag, make your reservation, and go explore the world, alone or not.

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