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4 Secrets to a Cheaper European Summer Vacation

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Chris Osburn
Written by Chris Osburn

With August just around the corner, you may be thinking that you’re missing out on yet another summer to see Europe in all her glory and will have to drop some serious coin if you want to get there before fall. But don’t despair: there are ways to get the most out of your budget and limit the pain in your pocketbook while hitting the continent in the summertime.

So if you’re gearing up with cheap flight deals for a last minute trip (or thinking about next year’s travel plans), have a look at this quartet of tips on how to make the most of a summer vacation in Europe…while spending the least amount of money.

Broaden Your Summer Horizons

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Part of deciding which summer month is most affordable for your trip to Europe comes down to which months you consider to be part of summer. If you’re in southern Europe during late spring or early autumn, the weather should still be warm enough to find for a dip in the sea but also still early enough to score those fantastically cheap flight deal. You’ll also find you have much of the beach to yourself. Sicily, Sardinia, Crete, Cyprus… Lap up the first or last of the summer sun in style on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean!

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Hit the (Out-of-Season) Ski Slopes

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What happens at all those ski resorts in the Alps and other European mountain ranges when most of the snow has melted away? Many of the best resorts stay open to welcome a mix of nature lovers and sports enthusiasts with a range of activities like mountain biking and hiking, to make the most of their panoramic settings – at a fraction of the cost of booking a winter break. Look for summer discounts for trips to prime skiing destinations such as France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and save big.

Hot Town! Summer in the City

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If you can take the heat, you can score a bargain with a city break at the height of summer in a number of European destinations. As summer temperatures rise in big cities like Madrid, Berlin, and Rome, lots of locals head for the beach to cool down. This is especially true during August. You’ll find all the key attractions remain open anyway and those folks hanging around town for work will be appreciative of your business.

Dig a Little Deeper, Go a Little Farther

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For cost savings, cheap flight deals and often a more genuine cultural experience, going one town over or just outside (or nowhere near) a major tourist area can lead to a vacation of fun discoveries. Who knows? You may even stumble upon the next “it” destination while catching a glimpse of real life. Of course, if you must be part of the action in a more popular area, you can always do a day trip. Barcelona too buzzing? Glide over to Girone. London prices too lavish? Stay in the nearby countryside or by the sea and ride the train into town for an urban frolic.


Got any hot European destinations you’ve traveled to with some cheap flight deals? If so, let us know in the comments below.


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