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Royal Destinations Without The British Royal Family

This blog post was updated on October 22, 2018.

By this stage of the game, you have probably either had it with all of the royal wedding coverage or you are still soaking it up with blurry eyes due to 3AM wakeup calls to watch it live.

By the end of it all, the United Kingdom will have had its fair share of time in the spotlight with essentially tourism advertising campaigns running all day long.

Other monarchs around the globe may be feeling a bit left out. To get away from all of those British Royal Family stories and sagas, it may be time to hit the road for somewhere far, far away from the happy couple.

Here are a few destinations with pomp, circumstance and crown jewels that you might not be sick of hearing about by now:

 Liechtenstein: Reigning Prince Hans-Adam II took over the tiny country in 1989. In a castle on a hill, right out of a storybook, the Prince makes his home in the capital city. Vaduz and the rest of Liechtenstein are quiet. However the country sits right in the heart of Western Europe, in between Switzerland and Germany. With hiking, climbing and skiing, Liechtenstein is an active traveler’s paradise. Those looking for a royal twist can just admire the Vaduz Castle from afar and imagine the Prince having breakfast for it is not open to the public.


Monaco: Just 1.95 square kilometers make up Monaco, the world’s second smallest country. Despite its size, the country packs in the royals with the Grimaldi dynasty ruling for over 700 years. Overshadowed by Kate and William, Prince Albert (son of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace Kelly), is set to marry in July 2011. From the Monte Carlo Casino to the Princess Grace Rose Garden, Monaco almost seems too perfect and polished to be real. Although, the Prince only has to look after 1.95 square kilometers, so we can’t give him too much credit.


Malaysia: You get more bang for your buck in Malaysia. Two lands separated by the South China Sea make up the country with it own constitutional monarch. From the high rises of Kuala Lumpur to speck-sized villages, Malaysia accommodates all sorts.


Sweden: No offense to Prince William, but he wasn’t the first of his kind and time to select a commoner to be his partner in life. Crowned Princess Victoria of Sweden was actually ahead of Prince William in selecting her prince, her personal trainer. Apart from Sweden’s royal family, just try not to fall in love with Stockholm. Set along a number of waterways, here you can explore the Gamla Stan, the old town, or head for the Vasa Museum to see a 17th century ship completely intact.


Jordan: Ruled by King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, Jordan is filled with reasons to visit other than the royal family. From Petra to Wadi Rum, a float in the Dead Sea to the brook where Jesus was supposedly baptized, there are more than enough attractions to keep a visitor busy.  Just try and stop yourself from humming the Indian Jones theme song upon seeing Petra for the first time. See for yourself with these cheap flights to Jordan.


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