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Te Amo, España! 8 Romantic Places to Visit in Spain

Written by Suzy Guese

This blog post was updated on August 4, 2022.

Europe is an ancient tapestry of romantic destinations and picturesque towns that serve as the perfect setting for an intimate stroll hand in hand with your loved one. Spain, of course, has plenty of these magical locations. All over the country, you’ll find smaller communities perfect for romantic getaways. From the shores of the Bay of Biscay down to the southern interior, these are some of the most romantic places in Spain if you’re looking for the ideal date!



Located in the Castilla y León region, Segovia promises romantic views with its very appearance thanks to its historical landmarks and magnificent structures. Among them, nothing beats its massive Aqueduct — an amazingly preserved relic of the city’s Roman past — or its Gothic Cathedral. Love birds, however, will be immediately drawn to Segovia’s fairytale palace, Alcázar. Rebuilt after a fire in 1862, the palace takes on a classic castle look, turrets and all. It is also where Isabel was crowned queen of Castilla in the 15th century. Aside from Segovia’s important landmarks, the town oozes romance with its narrow, maze-like streets. You’ll also want to split a plate of cochinillo, a roasted sucking pig considered a true delicacy in Segovia!



Under an hour south of the French border in the northeast region of Catalonia, Besalú revels in medieval history. If you want to step back in time with your loved one, Besalú is hard to beat as it’s considered one of the best preserved towns in the area. The historic village lends a taste of what medieval Catalonia looked like, as it acted as an important political and economic player in its heyday. You feel like a time traveler strolling down the town’s cobbled streets lined with stone buildings and Romanesque churches. Besalú boasts a number of treasures like its 12th century Pont Fortificat spanning the Riu Fluviá, San Pere church and the Jewish quarter, complete with a 13th century mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath thought to be one of the last surviving in the country.



Lording over Spain’s Andalucía region in the south of the country, Ronda is sure to tug at your heart strings on a romantic getaway. The town scatters across two hills with two sections divided by El Tajo de Ronda, a 400-foot deep ravine carved out by the Guadalevín river. Ronda is one of the oldest towns in all of Spain. Formerly a hideout for bandits, it draws much of its attention for its location at the top of a steep canyon. Comprising two settlements, an old Moorish town and a 15th-century “new” town, Ronda and its disparate identities are linked by three bridges. The most famous in town is the Puente Nuevo (“New Bridge”), a 300-foot high structure from the 18th century. Once you’ve strolled across it — and tried not to look down too much! — you can get lost in Ronda’s romantic, narrow Moorish streets. In addition to picture-perfect scenes, Ronda also boasts ancient Arab baths, several museums in former palaces like the Palacio de Mondragón, and the Plaza de Toros (that is, its bullring) from 1785.


Forget Paris. Forget Venice. When it comes to romantic European destinations, Barcelona is the place to propose! Most of the city has a distinctly historic charm, so you can cozy up to your sweetheart as you explore its grand, centuries-old architecture, the majority of which is prodigious enough to make you feel quite small indeed. From the gothic basilicas of Santa María del Mar to the large, quarry-like stone buildings of Casa Milà, you’ll definitely feel tiny in comparison to the architecture.

You don’t have to be a history buff, however, to enjoy Barcelona. From wine tasting tours to hot air balloon rides, there are many ways for couples to have fun. You can catch an authentic flamenco show; you can go for a sunset cruise on the water; you can visit the city’s famous light-up fountain at night. The possibilities are endless for couples eager to explore Barcelona!

San Sebastián

San Sebastián is a wonderful destination for honeymooners and other lovebirds. Not only does it boast beautiful natural scenery in the form of beaches, hills, and woodlands, but it’s also top-notch for modern tourist attractions like bars and restaurants. Go hiking together on Mount Igeldo for breathtaking views of the city. Book a sailboat or catamaran to tour La Concha Bay and explore its colorful worlds under the sea. If you’re a foodie, try a gourmet restaurant with white tablecloths and softly-lit candles. If you don’t want to leave bed, get a suite at one of the world-class resorts or boutique hotels with luxury amenities.

If you’re looking for the best cities in Spain for couples, San Sebastián is definitely one to consider. Whether you’re headed there for summertime fireworks or wintertime snuggling under the stars, it’s the kind of destination that can bring you closer to the one you love!

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Historically known as the “Imperial City” because it was home to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor, Toledo is a shining gem tucked away in central Spain. It boasts a number of medieval relics, including castles, cathedrals, and tombs, and it’s also famous for the metalwork associated with forging swords. What does this mean for you? It means that you can have a swashbuckling good time in Toledo. From touring ancient fortresses like Alcázar to taking selfies at the fountain of Plaza de Santo Domingo el Real, you and your sweetheart can make plenty of memories together.

All things considered, Toledo is a great cross between old-world Spain and new-school travel adventures, so it can let you experience the best of both worlds with your boo!


As the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, Tenerife is the hot spot for lovers on the beach. It’s filled with beautiful, picturesque scenery, and it’s also home to a number of day and nighttime attractions that make it a lively tourist destination for couples. You might be familiar with its Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an annual festival that draws more than 400,000 visitors per year with parades, costumes, music, and dance. If you won’t be in town in February, however, there are other cool places to visit in Tenerife. These include everything from the caves of Cueva del Viento to the black sand beaches of Los Gigantes.

In terms of romance, you also won’t want to miss Mount Teide, the 12,000-foot volcano on the island. It’ll be super memorable for proposing, honeymooning, and everything in between! Love is a living thing at Tenerife, home to beach bonfires, colorful carnivals, and plenty of couples’ activities such as whale watching and tandem bicycle riding.



When booking cheap flights to Spain, don’t dismiss the chance of finding the best romantic spot in the most unexpected of places…like Cudillero, an unassuming little town filled with tons of maritime charm. This small fishing post along the Bay of Biscay laps up the waters of the Atlantic from its narrow inlet in the northern region of Asturias. Gazing up, you’ll see Cudillero’s treasure trove of cliff-clinging, candy-colored houses and buildings. Not only does this tiny town ooze romance, but the surrounding area lends itself to a prime romantic getaway, with many beaches and sheer cliffs all around. In town, Cudillero offers a laid-back vibe in which you can feast on plenty of seafood dinners. Love birds should also make the trek up to Mirador de La Garita-Atalaya. The lookout point gazes down on the rooftops of Cudillero and the harbor, making it an ideal spot for a sunset smooch.

Do you have any other favorite romantic spot in Spain? Share your pick with us in the comments section below!

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