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Reliving Past Travels with a Trip Soundtrack

This blog post was updated on October 22, 2018.

Ever notice how images from television commercials pop in your head when you hear the same background song on the radio?


Ever wonder why movie soundtracks sell so well, even if there are only 1 or 2 good songs on the list?


It’s because music is powerful; it triggers emotions and can instantly transport you back to a single moment in the past when that song was playing.


I’m sure certain songs bring up memories of the first time you met that special someone, or maybe your high school graduation.


Music can make people laugh, cry, or dance — and it’s the same songs that help you relive and extend a wonderful (hopefully!) vacation getaway.  Here’s how to create a trip soundtrack to do just that:


Keep Tabs on the Songs Playing During Your Holiday


Different music might be popular in other parts of the world, and songs that are popular in your home country might become super popular in some other locations.  I distinctly remember “Heartbreaker” by and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” being played in every marshrutka, in every taxi, and on every music channel while traveling through Kyrgyzstan back in 2008. Ever since then, I can’t help but be transported back onto that hot, sticky minivan (marshrutka) if even a few beats of the song are heard.


I sometimes like to download the songs that I had grown accustomed to hearing during certain travels abroad as they become like little souvenirs to me (souvenirs you don’t have to pack!).  These songs sort of create the soundtrack of my time spent abroad, and I can quickly get the freeing feeling I had while traveling just by putting them on.


Create a Pre-Planned Soundtrack
There are times when you can create a soundtrack for a trip in advance.  This is perfect for road trips!


Just download some cool summer tunes and let them roll as you cross the country by car playing road trip games.  Add that to some open windows, a fresh breeze and beautiful scenery, and your road trip soundtrack becomes a multi-sensual memory trigger.


Best Use For Trip Soundtracks


The best use for a trip soundtrack when the trip is said and done, in my personal opinion, is to act as a getaway to normal life.  When you’re at work and the stress of the day is building up, why not take a quick 10 minute meditation while playing your trip soundtrack.  You will instantly  be taken to your special place.  Doesn’t that just sound nice?


CC Flickr photo credit: Dan McKay

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