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Pin it, Plan it, Go! Five Tips for Using Pinterest to Plan Your Travels

This blog post was updated on October 22, 2018.

Planning a trip, from what to pack to where to stay can be a jumbled mess in the mind. When I plan a big trip, I tend to get bogged down in all of the details. Luckily for me and other travelers, Pinterest makes it relatively easy to plan a trip and keep that trip organized. Put most simply, Pinterest describes itself as a tool for organizing things you love.  You can organize the trip that you will love, but not without knowing what you are doing first. After utilizing Pinterest for my travels, I have come up with a few tips and tricks for the traveler looking to use this social medium for their next adventure.

Begin with a nice foundation of boards: When I first joined Pinterest, I was an utter pinning mess. I pinned every great travel photo that I saw. My boards weren’t necessarily catered to my needs but rather just template categories. If you are going to use Pinterest to plan your trip, you need to begin with the proper foundation. You should come up with different board categories to suit the needs of your trip. You can have boards covering all areas of your travels including one for the city/country you are going to, activities, gear, clothing, a shopping list for your trip, local foods you want to try, accommodations and travel tip articles that might be useful for your trip. Once you have a clear idea of the different areas of your travels, you can begin the pinning process.

Pin with caution and check pages before adding to boards: One of the main problems that I have with Pinterest and my travel planning is that I often will see what looks like a great travel article that will help me with my trip. When I click on the pin, it either leads to a dead page or no real site at all. Before you begin your pinning party, pinning different elements that you see pertaining to your trip, make certain that these pins actually lead to useful pages. Otherwise your Pinterest boards won’t help you with trip planning when you go back to see just what trip you have planned. Pins won’t point to any sort of useful information.

Seek out tourism boards and guidebooks on Pinterest: In order to avoid those dead pages of mysterious pins, you can instead look for inspiration and ideas on the Pinterest boards of tourism boards and guidebooks. These sources can provide quality pins with information that will help your for your trip. If you merely search random pins on “Paris” might not come up with any information that is actually of use to your trip. However, both tourism boards and guidebooks can provide the traveler with the information that they need.

Pair down your travel choices: Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of just what hotels you have looked at and considered for your trip. An easy way to keep the contenders straight is to have a board specifically for these potential travel choices. From accommodations to activities, you can pair down which choices you want and which you don’t. Once you have select a hotel or an activity for your weekend away, you can will have a little travel journal of sorts after your trip, reminding you of where you stayed and what you did.

For better packing, look for travel wardrobe pins for different seasons and locations: One of my favorite boards to pin is my packing and travel style board. Pinterest has really made it easier to pack, especially if you find this area the most challenging. A search online or on Pinterest can bring travel outfit ideas to your attention. You can pin them now and then go back to your packing board when it comes time to pull out the suitcase.

Have you used Pinterest to plan your trips?


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