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Partnership with IBM Makes Louvre Museum Smarter

This blog post was updated on October 18, 2018.

The Lourve Museum in Paris is arguably the world’s most famous museum. Now, thanks to a partnership with IBM, it may also be the smartest.


According to a report from the AFP, Louvre officials have joined forces with IBM to utilize sensors, real-time data analysis, and other modern tools to bring the 18th Century institution into the digital age.


The partnership will allow Louvre officials to track and monitor museum conditions around the clock and streamline the 65,000 annual repairs needed at the venerable repository.


IBM said the project has already increased energy savings by as much as 40 percent in some of the museum’s oldest buildings.


The pact should also lead to faster repairs and keep the museum as open as accessible as possible year-round, which is good news for its million of annual visitors. More than 8.8 million people passed through the Louvre in 2011, breaking its previous attendance record.


CC Flickr photo credit: mwanasimba

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