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Online Reviews Help Revamp London Hotel

This blog post was updated on July 28, 2021.

A central London hotel is proving wrong anybody who ever thought that their comments or reviews online would never be taken into consideration.

Located near St James Park, St Ermin’s Hotel was once ranked so low in hotel rankings that it was hardly worth mentioning. Last month, “the hotel was ranked 29 on the travel review site, and has jumped as high as 18.”

For those wondering how this overlooked and seemingly forgotten hotel jumped hundreds of points to become one of the most popular in London, the answers are simple.

First, the $50 million in renovations by Amerimar Enterprises – which bought the hotel two years ago – revamped the hotel to preserve and highlight its old world charm while including modern conveniences typical of other popular London hotels.

But more importantly, many of the renovations were taken straight from reviews and comments on TripAdvisor, which the hotel’s parent company found very useful in transformation St Ermin’s into a top 20 London hotel.

Although the hotel is on the pricier side – featuring a Baroque ballroom, vintage furnishings from various decades in the twentieth century and “the original Turkish carpet commissioned for the hotel’s first opening, which was found and returned from an antique dealer in Istanbul” – the 112-year-old hotel is a must-see sight.

No matter what hotel you are staying in – don’t underestimate the power of reviews. You never know, your suggestion may rebrand the next top London hotel.


Source: USA Today

Photo Credit: Nick P. (author)

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