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The Most Badass Things You Can Do on a Nordic Winter Holiday

Written by Dhinesh Manuel

This blog post was updated on December 27, 2021.

Don’t get cold feet over visiting the Nordic region over winter. There are plenty of things a badass like you can accomplish, even in the frigid weather. Take on one of these adrenaline-filled activities to truly show your mettle!

Go Ice-Caving in Iceland


Iceland is renowned for its out-of-this-world natural beauty and is a tourist magnet for travelers over the summer months. But, for travelers with cheap flights in January, its harsh winters also hold many interesting outdoor activities for the adventurous. One of the cool (and badass) things you can do is ice-caving. Explore the beautiful caves in Icelandic glaciers, usually in Vatnajokull in South East Iceland and Langjokull in South West Iceland. You’ll most likely go with an experienced guide and get close to the glacier with a 4X4 vehicle. But, you’ll still get to hike into the blue ice caves and spend some time exploring them.

Ride a Bicycle (or a Brrrr-Icicle?) in Denmark


Sure, you’ve heard about the gardens of Tivoli, the Rosenborg Castle, and LEGOLAND Billund (the original Legoland park), but do you want to do something really badass during winter in Denmark? Easy — just ride a bicycle! Danes bike on regardless of snow and winter chills (except for when it’s dangerously icy) because they have one of the best infrastructures in the world for cyclists. Hop on the bandwagon and pedal on, brave traveler!

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Jump in the Majestic Lakes of Finland

What? Jump into a freezing cold hole in the ice during winter? Yep — that’s what Finns love to do right after warming themselves up in a traditional sauna. You might think you’ve lost your marbles … along with any sensation in your legs. But after the first few minutes in the icy water, your body will adjust and it’s supposed to give you an adrenaline boost that’ll keep you energized through the day. Are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Join the Wolf Pack in Sweden


The snow-covered wilderness in Sweden offers the ideal chance to track and get up close to wolves during a winter safari. If you go to see these magnificent creatures in the wild, it may involve hiking through snow and harsh winter weather. But, you’ll also get the chance to spot moose and many varieties of owls and other birds.

Go Dog Sledding in Norway

Huskies have put in some major muscle power to take travelers and explorers through harsh wintry landscapes for centuries. Take a dog sled ride through Norway’s beautiful frozen scenery and you can bond with the pack. Bonus: As part of the dog-sledding tour, you can also catch amazing views of the northern lights from places like Tromsø or Svalbard.

Have you ever done any of these badass winter activities? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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