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Florida Destination Weddings: Some of the Best Spots for Your Special Day

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Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on May 1, 2020.

With its long coastline, vibrant cities, quaint small towns, resort communities, theme parks, and year-round warm weather, the Sunshine State is a popular choice for destination weddings. But, Florida is a very big place. Narrowing down the list of options for a wedding destination ideally suited for you and your guests can be a challenge.

Here’s a look at a few of the best places for Florida destination weddings:

A Thrilling Ceremony for All Involved…in Orlando

wedding in Orlando

Of course, Disney isn’t the only theme park in Florida – or even in the Orlando area. A smart base for a variety of different weddings, Orlando is a great place to tie the knot. For thrill-seeking couples who are anticipating the ups and downs of a lifetime together, there are a ton of thrilling rollercoasters at Universal Studios or one of the other theme parks in the area. For wedding parties including children, large families, or guests traveling from far, Orlando is easy to reach from most airports, so you and your guests will have a short ride to your destinations once you hop off your flights to Florida. The resort also has accommodations suitable for all budgets and preferences, and makes a great vacation spot for your guests as well.

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Happily Ever After…at Disney World

Disney world wedding

Image via Flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0Daniel Spiess

Is your relationship the stuff of fairy tales? Do you dream of being transported to your wedding ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage to arrive like Cinderella? Or, perhaps recreating a scene from another of your favorite Disney movies? There’s a destination wedding for that! Disney World Resort can help you organize the wedding of your dreams for you and your Prince Charming – whether it’s a small intimate ceremony or a lavish event with hundreds of guests.

Tee Off to a Life Together…in Fort Myers

Wedding golf cart in resort, Fort Myers, Florida

While Fort Myers has an abundance of beaches and beach resorts that are sure to make any blushing bride and excited groom overwhelmed with joy, soon-to-be-weds will also enjoy celebrating their special day at one of the city’s luxurious golf clubs. Set amid the rolling greens and pools of tranquil water, the evening will see guests dancing into the night, while the newlyweds can be whisked off in style…in a decorated golf cart!

Kick Off a Happy Marriage…in the Keys

destination wedding in Florida Keys

Ask anyone who’s been – the Florida Keys are among the most romantic destinations in the world. And, where else do you get to decide between a sunrise or sunset ceremony over the ocean (or even both in a day) so nearby? If you don’t mind getting some white sand in your shoes (or maybe just throwing a barefoot wedding), look into having your big day on Little Palm Island. How about posing for your wedding photos with one of the Keys’ lighthouses, such as Key Largo Lighthouse, in the backdrop? And if you think your vows are worthy of literary acclaim, the former home of writer Ernest Hemingway might just be the ideal setting for you and your betrothed to say “I do.”

Dance the Night Away…Miami Style

Miami destination wedding

Hoping to host a wedding reception that sizzles? Do it in Miami! Think of the fun you and your guests will have as you all form the most epic conga line ever dancing to the sultry sounds of a local band. Enjoy some fabulous nightlife, glamorous venues, a great dining scene, and amazing hotels; if you’re looking to make a splash on your wedding day, you can’t go wrong with Miami. Consider one of Miami Beach’s most iconic buildings in the gorgeous South Beach Art Deco District.

Make History…at St. Augustine

destination wedding in St. Augustine

With its centuries-old Spanish colonial past, St. Augustine claims to be the oldest city in the US. With its colonial architecture, Atlantic beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries, it’s also extremely beautiful. For a seaside wedding in historic surroundings, it’s hard to top St. Augustine! Originally built in the 16th century and reconstructed in the 1790s, the Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine is the oldest church in Florida and a lovely place for you to consider spending the best day of your life.

A White Sand Wedding…in the Panhandle

Panhandle destination wedding

The Florida Panhandle along the Gulf Coast is a smart choice for a variety of wedding destinations. There’s as much fun in the sun here as anywhere else in the state but often at a fraction of the cost compared to more southerly Florida locales. Consider Pensacola for a wedding in a historic and foodie-friendly town with a dazzling array of unique venues, quiet Destin for more family-focused events, or something in or around Panama City for a more buzzing affair. As far as the Panhandle beach scene goes, the area is known for its white sand. Talk about a white wedding!

Have a Romantic Getaway…on Amelia Island

Amelia Island destination wedding

Amelia Island provides a beautiful setting for a romantic getaway far from the frenzy of the rest of the world. Or, at least, it certainly seems that way. In reality, the island is just a short drive north of Jacksonville. Weddings here might be on one of the island’s golden sand beaches, and, if you so wish, even on horseback! A good but not densely packed-in assortment of luxury hotels and locally-owned B&Bs assure an enjoyable stay and plenty of elbow room for you and your wedding guests.

Know of a great destination wedding spot in Florida that wasn’t on our list? Suggest it in the comment section below! 

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