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Memorial Day Travel Basics For A Successful American Holiday

This blog post was updated on October 16, 2018.

This weekend kicks off the beginning of summer travel season in the United States and throughout much of the world.


While some may spend their weekending testing out that green thumb and flipping burgers, many are getting out of town and taking advantage of the extra day off.


However, a Memorial Day weekend away can turn sour when you fail to have the basics for a successful weekend by your side.


Here are just a few ways to get the most out of your Memorial Day vacation.



Unplug from Technology—Americans might be getting a day off this weekend, but many will just treat it like a normal workday. Do your kids, your friends, yourself and your destination a favor and try to unplug for the three-day weekend. If you can’t take three days off from emailing obsessively and tweeting every hour, you aren’t taking advantage of the time off. Perhaps use this weekend as a baby step toward longer vacations and try tearing yourself away from the laptop and smart phone.


Attend a Baseball Game—No matter where you are going for Memorial Day, if you in the United States, chances are a baseball game is occurring at some point in the weekend. Whether it is major league or little league, baseball is America’s favorite pastime after all. Take in a game and see what the competition for your home team might be like down the road.


Get Invited to a Cookout—No one really wants to cook on vacation. Look up what restaurants at your destination are having special Memorial Day cookouts. If most eateries are closed to enjoy the day, call up that roommate from college and see if you can get an invitation to their backyard barbecue. The American cookout is a classic Memorial Day activity.


Explore Your Backyard, not Literally—Maybe you will take this piece of advice to clean up the weeds in back and plant a few beds of gardenias. For the smarter set, even if you can’t travel for Memorial Day, there is no excuse not to drive a few hours away and see what lies beyond your backyard. Go somewhere in your state that you have never been to before.


Check Weather Reports—With the way the weather has been rumbling across the nation, if you are taking the iconic Memorial Day road trip, be sure you know what lies up the road ahead. With deadly tornadoes and downpours, it is best to keep up on the weather at your destination and also along the way. If it looks like doom and gloom ahead, it might be wise to change courses and find a better route.


What are your tips for a successful all-American Memorial Day?

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