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Man Arrested After Hopping onto Luggage Belt at JFK Airport

This blog post was updated on August 11, 2021.

The man hopped onto the moving conveyor belt (Image: Wikimedia)

A Columbia University researcher was arrested earlier this week at JFK Airport after he allegedly hopped onto a luggage conveyor belt, according to the New York Post .


Edward Hall III could not produce photo ID and was subsequently refused a security screening.


Hall was apparently so desperate to catch his early-morning flight to San Francisco that he asked the ticket agent if he could be sent down the luggage belt instead.


When the ticket agent refused, Hall took matters into his own hands by hopping onto the moving belt. He was arrested near the tarmac about 20 minutes later.


“I just wanted to make my flight,” Hall told police. Curiously, an online profile states that Hall researches human impatience. He is now facing trespassing charges.

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