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Finding Luggage That’s Smarter Than You?

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Written by Brian Lees

Are you a savvy traveler? We all like to think we’ve got smarts when it comes to heading out on a vacation don’t we? From perfect packing tips, to rolling shirts and socks, and grabbing that aisle seat near the restroom (with the extra legroom), we’re all looking for ways to ease our travel experience. But whatever your proudest travel accomplishment is, did you ever think you’d be outsmarted—by your own luggage? Well, it seems that possibility is growing increasingly likely, as companies strive to upgrade the ‘tech’ in your baggage!

Direct-to-consumer luggage brand, Raden, recently hit the news with the launch of their new, stylish, cutting edge smart suitcase!

VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

Not only are these bags equipped with built-in weight sensors, USB ports powered by an integrated battery, and Bluetooth features that allow you to locate your bag, but they’re also sleek, fashionable, and definitely designer. Bear in mind, with all that tech, you may have to leave that extra pair of socks at home?

And what self respecting, designer smart bag would be complete without it’s own app! Raden packed loads of useful features into theirs, like travel time to airport, weather updates, and TSA wait times!

As technology and apps get integrated into more and more aspects of travel, these may not be the only smart suitcases you’ll see riding around the baggage carousel on your next trip!

If you’re tech-hungry, pick yours up online, or in person at the Raden Manhattan pop-up store in SoHo.

Would you want to own a super smart suitcase, or do you prefer the trusty old family backpack with broken zipper and all? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I would LOVE to own one of these smart suitcases for all my traveling… purple, of course!