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Are You Ready to Fly with Your Pet? Let’s Find Out!

Written by Javier Peinado

Everything’s better with your beloved dog, cat, or hamster by your side, and getaways are no exception! That’s why many people choose to bring their pets along for the ride when booking cheap domestic flights or international long-haul flights. But, as lovely as it sounds, it’s not always an easy task! Flying with your pets usually requires following some steps if you want to take off with them. Do you know what you need to take Fido up, up, and away? Take this quiz and let’s find out!

About the author

Javier Peinado

Born in Barcelona. Raised in Madrid. New Yorker at heart. When he is not geeking out at a comic book convention or binge-watching superhero shows, this bilingual journalist loves to discover secret venues and hidden places around the world to fill his insatiable wanderlust. He also digs into ghost-busting, Bigfoot-hunting, and UFO-sighting. The truth is out there.

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