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Ilona and Derek Take The World – Part 2

This blog post was updated on October 15, 2018.

Ilona and Derek Take The World - Part 2While Stuttgart, Germany might not be the first town that comes to mind as a top tourist destination in Central Europe, this home to the Porsche Museum is where our story begins.  Well, it really begins in Krakow, Poland where our protagonist, Ilona was born and raised alongside a very close childhood friend and her brother, Derek.  Around 1994, Derek moved to the United States and in 2000, Ilona made a trip to the US to visit her friend and as luck has it, Derek.  There, in New York City, Derek and Ilona hit it off well enough to classify this visit as a summer romance.  In 2002 the same summer romance occurred when Ilona and Derek found themselves spending the summer together.  After years of this, we finally find ourselves in 2010 in Stuttgart where our love birds decide to have their first official date.  Germany was the perfect place to meet because Ilona’s work was there at the time, and Derek is always up for a visit to one of his favorite countries.

His adventure started after an 8 hour flight to Dusseldorf, where he had to transfer to a Bombardier Q400 – a very small plane, where you cannot even place your luggage in an overhead compartment.  Because it is such a small plane, it does not ascend to normal cruising altitude.  As a result, these planes provide amazing views of the ground and German countryside.










After finally arriving in Stuttgart, Ilona and Derek begin their trip with some local beers; Hefe-Weissbier – a wheat beer.  The best and most popular beer, however, is Paulaner which is made in Munich and well known by October Fest.  Remember, adding a lemon or orange slice is not customary in Germany.

Drinking on an empty stomach can be reckless, which is why the Germans have Weiner Schnitzel.  Our travelers’ favorite was from Gaststatte Post or Onkelotto Stuttgart where they serve the best and biggest.  You better save room for some potato salad, too.  No matter how full you get, there will always be some room for beer to wash it down.

If you find yourself missing American steaks, there are a few good spots you go, none of which rival Peter Lugers.    They do, however, have Turkish kebabs which are highly recommended as a grab and go food.  Our travelers recommend unwinding and decompressing after a long day in a local bar or cafe in the area of Theodor-Heuss-Strasse.

When you’re not wining and dining, popular attractions include the Porsche Museum, Mercedes Benz Museum which are local favorites as many roads in Germany do not have a posted speed limit.  For a slower adventure, visit The New Palace, a building which stands on the south edge of Schlossplatz, the central square in Stuttgart, Germany and was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing during the Second World War and was reconstructed between 1958 and 1964.  You can also find some great shopping in Schlossplatz and Koenigstrasse. To enjoy the natural beauty, simply lay in a valley and find yourself surrounded by parks and hills.











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