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Help, I Need Somebody! How to Ask for Help in 10 Languages

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This blog post was updated on March 3, 2021.

Traveling is a great way to learn about the world and become a more cultured fellow. There´s nothing more enriching than widen your horizons by discovering beautiful things, meeting new people, eating exotic food, and learning about the way different people live all around the globe. Of course, you´ll need some assistance at some point when in foreign land. It´s just part of the tourist experience!

That´s why it´s crucial to learn how to ask for help in other languages. Memorize this handy list of useful terms and you´ll be more prepared out there. Of course, always remember to be mindful of your tone when asking for help…you don’t want to scare someone just when you need some directions!

How to ask for help in Italian

Italy is a beautiful country, but there’s a lot to see and a lot of land to cover. You may get lost during your adventures and need to ask someone for directions. If that happens, simply say “Aiuto!”

How to ask for help in German

Food is a big part of a trip in any German-speaking country. If you need someone to direct you to a good restaurant or beer garden, you’ll be sure to tell someone “Hilfe!”

How to ask for help in Icelandic

The beautiful night sky over Iceland’s snow-capped mountains and crystal waters with glaciers floating in them can make you grab for your camera. If you need someone to help you find it, you’ll say “Hjálp!”

How to ask for help in Spanish

Either you are visiting Spain, Colombia, or Nicaragua, there’s one word that will definitely help you if you need assistance in any Spanish-speaking country: “¡Ayuda!”

How to ask for help in Turkish

Turkey is filled with stunning mosques, huge markets, and fascinating museums. If need help finding someone to guide you, you can’t go wrong with “Yardım”.

How to ask for help in Japanese

The intense cultural shock that a visit to Japan might bring into an Occidental tourist might be enough to make you feel lost in translation at so many levels. With such a unique blend of tradition and modernity and a language comprised of a few different alphabets, you’re definitely going to need help. Just go with “Tasukete!”, and help will be on the way!

is known for its samurai warriors, and you can learn about these warriors and see their armor and weapons on your trip. If you find yourself hurting yourself on a traditional samurai katana, you will scream out to someone for help by saying, “Tasukete!”

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How to ask for help in French

Being one of the most visited countries in all Europe, it’s clear that you might need help exploring its most charming locations. If you have trouble remembering where you are or need anything else, don’t hesitate to say “Au secours!” to get the attention of nearby and potential helpers.

How to ask for help in Russian

Russia gets really cold in the winter. If you are lost on the streets and don’t know where to go while the thermometer dangerously freezes around you, remember to yell “Pomogite!” to ask for help.

How to ask for help in Thai

Thailand gets extremely hot. It’s a part of being in a tropical paradise. If you’re out on your magical beach eating delicious Thai food and get a bit of a sunburn, you may holler, “Chûay dûay!”

How to ask for help in Greek

There are few better destinations to take advantage of some cheap international flights than Greece. The Hellenic nation preserves, after all, some of the oldest structures and artifacts of all time. With so much history it’s likely that you might need a translator at some point. When in need, just say “Voithia!” and trust that somebody will help you.

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