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How Many Gadgets Do You Pack for a Trip?

This blog post was updated on September 6, 2018.

I’m going to open this article by stating the obvious:  We live in a very technological world. I know, it’s nothing mind-blowing or intriguing in the least.


If I told you that I often text my boyfriend sitting in the next room, or that I get all my news updates from Twitter, you might just say, “Yeah, me too.”


Technology is not only impacting the way we communicate, but it is also impacting our suitcases and backpacks.  There used to be a romantic idea of traveling to disconnect, while today more and more travelers are staying super-connected when they hit the road.


All of these changes have been happening at a fairly rapid rate…


I studied abroad in Italy in 2004, and believe it or not, I didn’t even own a laptop computer then.  I set off for a semester abroad with literally a suitcase of clothes and a digital camera that took photos on mini-CDs.  To communicate back home, I subsisted on using a communal computer room with 3 computers, and guess what… I survived.


Nowadays, I often don’t even leave the house without having my netbook computer in my bag.  It makes sense to use my train commute time writing blog posts, and with the tethering capabilities of my iPhone, I can hop on the Internet in an instant from anywhere I get a cell signal.  It’s magical.


And, when I travel, it’s the same.  I carry my iPhone, my netbook computer and a digital camera or two (a dSLR and a point-and-shoot).  My bag space is quickly taken up by the likes of cables and chargers, and padded pouches for safe-keeping.  I carry a lot of technology with me, but I must say it could be worse.


  • I could pack a Kindle.  Yes, that would free up space that would otherwise be taken up by actual books, but still it is another piece of electronics to worry about.
  • I could carry a headset.  A headset is great for Skype, but luckily I can use Skype on my iPhone and bypass the need for one.
  • I could pack a GPS.  If you plan on renting a car, this could save you time and money to have your own GPS system.


Traveling with gadgets has become so normal that now I don’t think I can travel without them.


How many gadgets do you tend to carry with you on your travels?


CC Flickr photo credit: shlala

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